10 Tips for Staying in Top Shape

During the festive season it is not always easy to stay in top shape. And on this last day of 2013, it may be appropriate to share with you one of the many gifts that comprised the Advent Calendar which just came to an end. It is about staying focused on what matters the most to feel good. At least this works for me! So if you have already partied a lot, and are celebrating in good company tonight, then enjoy it and as soon as you decide, you can resume your healthy habits. Here is how.

Also, in busy times when you experience stress and overwhelm, maybe even anxiety and depression, all you need is to remind yourself of these key lifestyle principles to start feeling great again.

1. Breathe Deeply – Remember our breath – its regularity and depth – is the barometer of how we feel deep inside. Take your ‘temperature’ by observing how you breathe and take long, deep, calming breaths, now.

2. Drink Loads – This is another vital habit that is too often overlooked. When experiencing stress, overwhelm, hunger, and pain:  drink a large glass of pure water – as well as juices and smoothies! You will quickly feel more ‘in the flow’!

3. Move Often – This bears repeating: our body was designed to move. If you remain seated for too long, take frequent breaks to stand up, stretch, walk, run, jump or dance… whatever it takes to make you move. You will feel immediate relief!

4. Eat Lightly – It’s what you do most of the time that matters. Be open to making exceptions, but focus first on fresh, organic, local and seasonal fruit and vegetables – and raw as often as possible!

5. Sleep Enough – The time needed varies from one person to another, but sleep is more than a time for rest, it allows deep cleansing, healing as well as integration on all levels. Don’t miss out on it!

6. Think Positive – We now know that thoughts are everything. So a positive attitude is the first key to health. Practice positive thinking and affirmations with mindfulness, because this can literally transform you!

7. Dream Big – Dreaming, consciously or awake, is truly uplifting. It brings this new dimension to our lives, raises our hopes and aspirations and drives us to go even further, within us as well as in the world at large. Art, culture and music also contribute to elevating our souls.

8. Meditate Here & Now – Meditation brings peace and serenity, and it allows our cells to recharge in positive energy and beneficial vibrations. It helps us release cumbersome baggage that poisons our mind and frees us from suffering. Just be present in the moment, with mindfulness.

9. Enjoy Fully – Laughter and joy are so good for our health and wellness! We all know this! Seek and indulge in all activities that make you laugh and bring you joy – and enjoy every moment fully!

10. Love Abundantly – Without conditions or limits, with no holding back or overthinking. Love life, yourself, your body, your family and friends, colleagues, neighbors, passers-by, nature, animals, music, photos, films, whatever…. Let your heart express itself freely and follow His guidance. It will fill you with incredibly good feelings!

Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and see you next year, very soon!

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