A Magically Raw Christmas Calendar

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to receive 12 splendid raw Christmas gifts  by signing up to my coach Karen Knowler’s 12 Days of Raw Christmas. More than 7,000 people are currently taking part, and the numbers keep growing!

The calendar will be live until Christmas so take up this offer before it is too late! The giveaway started last Wednesday 14 December but you can still bag all the gifts from previous days. You will find wonderful raw recipes and tips to spend the holiday season in joy and communion while feeding your bodies and souls with the best possible nourishment!


Gift Available in French too

I made a promise to my French-speaking audience! Yesterday, when Karen’s calendar was dedicated to Simply Raw, my own gift was revealed… and I managed to get a download page going for the French copy of my gift. So if you prefer your copy in French, or know someone who might be interested, direct them to the link hereunder. The downloads are going strong since yesterday! Don’t waste any time, grab this gift now:


And finally, to benefit from the last sales from the Simply Raw Shop : http://www.simplyraw.ch/christmas-sales

Enjoy these multiple gifts and have a Fabulous Christmas!

Don’t hesitate to share this information with family, friends and colleages. Pass on this message of love, sharing and generosity far and wide!

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