Simply Raw is a small business located in French-speaking Switzerland.

Inspired by the raw food diet originating from California, Amy Webster wants to spread the good word in her country! That’s why she started giving classes in her beautiful, spacious and luminous kitchen surrounded by a flourishing garden. Simply Raw aims to introduce you to the benefits of raw food, help you on your raw journey and keep you inspired and motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Amy


I wish to help others discover their own well-being and intuition.

A dual Swiss-American national, I am a professional business consultant in the field of public relations and communications. I have no training in either health or nutrition, but merely want to pass along a message that is now widely communicated in the Anglo-Saxon world but is remaining largely unnoticed in the rest of the world. Doing this I hope to help people improve the quality of their lives. I was trained as a Raw Food Coach by Karen Knowler in November 2007.

My raw food journey began in 2006 when I attended the Complete Detox Retreat by Lisa Jeans, a one-week Retreat in Southern Spain which involved daily hiking, yoga and 100% raw food. There I discovered that I could multiply my energy levels and feel totally invigorated by the quality and purity of simple, organic, fresh raw foods. I then returned to my normal routine: running a freelance business and a large recomposed family… and what I then considered to be a healthy diet of mostly home cooked meals made from fresh local produce. But the seeds had been planted so I began researching on the internet, reading scientific facts about food and listening to numerous teleconferences of world renowned raw foodists. I tried out new recipes and am still learning every day the fun and joy that comes with a raw food diet. Switching to high raw brought me amazing benefits and greatly enhanced my wellness, energy and performance. This has been combined with regular practice of yoga and Nordic walking, as well as quality time to nurture my soul and find my inner wisdom — an amazing journey!

Neither vegetarian nor vegan, I strongly favor fresh, organic, seasonal and local plant food and choose to eat raw as often and as much as I possibly can. I want to show others that raw food does not have to be a religion, it can be an added health tool in everybody’s busy lives, which they can then adopt as and when they wish. I wish to help others discover their own well-being and intuition. And show them that this can be done while enjoying tasty food, simply prepared, having great fun and reaping the benefits of what is proving to be the healthiest diet for mankind. Deep in my heart, I truly believe that raw is the way of the future. It may not be for everyone, simply because not everyone is open to it, but it will, somehow, be a part of our future world, there is no denying. It is time for the world to change and become more human, more connected, and more alive!

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