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Each year at the end of the summer holiday, and when it’s “back to school” time, I look forward to getting back into my routine, my habits, my comfort zone… I love to travel and see my close ones who live far away, live new experiences, that really feeds me on all levels. But I love to come home too, look back on the best summer memories and reintegrate the normal pace of life. For me, that means back to high raw, daily yoga or nordic walking, writing, un-cooking (!), finding my inner peace… What does it mean for you?

I am pretty sure that many of you have also left your good habits aside, if only to enjoy the freedom of summer, the visits, the fun,,, and wanting to fit in. Don’t worry. Life is a succession of useful experiences that make us sway in one direction then another, but we always seek our way back home, our own inner home. So if you wish to get back to healthy living and eating, here are a few easy steps to get you back on track now.

1. Start your day with a light breakfast
: I often repeat this, breakfast is the most important meal, not in terms of quantity (I don’t believe in forcing food down in the morning) but in terms of quality — if you are hungry, of course. Start your day with healthy fruit or veggies, preferably in liquid form as your body is still in cleansing mode. A green smoothie or fresh juice, whole fruit, raw granola or porridge if you feel like more. Remove the coffee and pastry and see how good that feels!

2. Drink pure water all day long:
 Another oft repeated piece of advice, which even I forget now and again, so I fill a 1 liter bottle in the morning and drink that before anything else. And I continue all day. It’s just amazing how everything feels smoother, the flow improves, the joints become more supple, the skin clearer and the mind sharper! And it cuts appetite… Drink up!

3. Slurp energizing smothies: if not in the morning, at any time of day! A green smoothie, or a nut milk enhanced with fruit, or vanilla, cacao, protein powder, turned into an elixir with medicinal teas. superfoods, adaptogens, you name it, the list is long. The point is to make nutrient dense beverages because blended foods require less work from our body to break down and digest, so you gain more energy!

4. Make a meal of a large mixed salad : Can you imagine how many portions of fruit and vegetables you can eat in one single meal with a large salad? For me this is the most creative of all dishes, and my inspiration never ceases. Follow your own instincts and assemble a salad with the foods you enjoy: greens galore, sprouts, fruit and veggies, seeds and nuts, decadent dressings, spices, herbs… Your imagination is the only limit! Become a salad artist!

 5. Eat light and early at night: Light and early are two important criteria when it comes to sleep as they will allow you to find restorative sleep, another important source of energy. If your evening meal cannot be raw, avoid as much as possible all refined carbs, focus on quality and limit the quantity, which is already a great step forward!

 With these 5 nutritional tips in mind, I’d like to add 5 more that pertain to other aspects of our lifestyle that contribute to our perfect balance.

 6. Sleep plenty! One of the most common causes of fatigue is…. sleep deprivation. Whatever some people say, I am convinced we all need at least 8 hours of sleep to function optimally. Sleep helps regenerate cells, integrate our life experiences as well as…. lose weight! Good night!

7. Move your body! Oh how I love yoga, but also walking and hiking! I practice almost every day when I am well settled into my routine, which I miss over the summer. It feels soooo good to feel alive, connected to nature and to my body! Find a way to move that suits you, that you enjoy, sweat regularly and stretch like a cat!

 8. Relax: It only takes a few deep breaths to transform a stressful situation in something that is easier to manage. Make sure you take regular breaks from whatever you are doing, focusing only on relaxing body and mind. Empty your mind now and then, breathe deeply and slowly, visualize happy moments with loved ones, take a short nap, whatever works for you!

 9. Think positive! Naturally, you knew this one was coming! Everything is going right, but you don’t see it. Or don’t believe it. It’s the same for me. I often think I don’t do enough, that I could do better: but when I stop, and take a moment to be fully aware of what I have done and accomplished, I am proud! It may be the same for you: think of all your achievements, of the path already traveled and feel gratitude for all that you have.

 10. Practice mindfulness: Our life experience is transformed when we are truly mindful of every moment. Live the present moment fully, exclusively, genuinely. Let’s stop, when we are reminded, from this crazy endless race, because it is the here and now that really truly matters.

I am sure that none of this is entirely new to you, but being reminded of these simple life principles can prove very rewarding. Remember them, they work for me and I will bet on it that they do the same for you! All you need to do is reset the button after the chaos, which will feel divine, just try it!

If you wish to be held by the hand to put all these simple steps into practice and reach your life balance, then you always have the option to work with online coaching groups or on a one-on-one session with me. Just send me a note and we can talk! I work on the phone or Skype and one session can do wonders, although a longer term investment will take you much farther!


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