Sprouting for Life Force Energy

Sprouting nuts, seeds, grains and legumes produces a remarkable source of nourishment and energy for the human body, often increasing the quality and quantity of the nutrients of these foods. They are full of protein, packed with vitamins and minerals and are very easy to digest so if you haven’t started sprouting at home, do

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Chocolate Fudge to Die For!

Can you prepare an absolutely divine chocolate fudge in under ten minutes? No, I didn’t think so! Well, I never thought I could. So today I have decided to share with you this wonderful recipe which comes with exciting news. Let’s start by saying that raw food does not have to be boring. Sweet treats

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Welcome to Raw Food!

What is raw food? One blog post alone won’t answer that question, but at least it will begin to address the issue. There are a great many health benefits to increasing the quantity of raw food in your diet – increased energy, better sleep, more focus and clarity of mind, less stress, weight loss, preventing

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