Brian Clement’s Precious Advice!

A lady in a wheelchair, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida several years back. Today, she is 66 years old and running marathons! Dr. Brian Clement, director of the Institute, told her amazing story of healing during a conference in Geneva last Wednesday. On Thursday, he gave a workshop on more specific issues related to healthy living, with serious insights on how to understand the benefits of eating raw. As I was busy translating Brian’s talk into French for the audience, I was unable to take notes and relay the information here.

But thanks to my eldest daughter Celia Herrera, who joined me the night before and is a Communications student in Boston, here is a thorough summary of Brian’s Wednesday lecture. This will give you plenty of food for thought:

Good food = good fuel. Diets are good tools in helping to enrich our physical, emotional and spiritual lives.
Why raw foods heal diseases and prevent premature aging
. Each plant possesses specific substances that will benefit your body, for more energy and longevity. Here’s what you get in raw foods:

  • Hormones in raw plants allow your cells to speak to each other, so they aren’t confused!
  • Oxygen in raw foods help to better digest proteins and minerals;
  • Enzymes give your body higher energy and eliminate diseases;
  • Antioxidants give you superior protection;
  • Vitamins are essential for proper nutrition;
  • Minerals and trace minerals are saturated in living foods;
  • Protein is found in its most complete and absorbable form: it helps build your cells in an optimized way;
  • Electrical charge increases the biological frequency of your cells.

Our world’s mistake Clement deplores the way our society deals with food. “We’re convinced we need animal proteins and dairy”, the doctor laments. But the latest research proves otherwise. “Any scientist today knows that when you take it away, people get better”. Milk, cheese and yogurt are the #1 cause for cancer! The problem, according to Dr. Clement, is that the way we were taught to eat had only one single purpose, that is to sell. Also, doctors keep prescribing pills to their patients, and we keep taking them! “We need to wake up”, shouts out Dr. Clement.

What you need to do:

  • Eliminate animal products
  • Eat as much raw and organic foods as you can! Add sea vegetables.
  • Eat LESS!
  • Exercise: Aerobics, weight lifting, stretching.

At first, you will feel sick and weak: these are normal symptoms. After a while, you will feel like a child again!

How to start
1: WHY?

  • Why aren’t animal foods good for me?
    Your body does not need saturated foods and protein (your own body produces it, it doesn’t need to get it from other animals!) Also, a human body cannot break down animal flesh in less than 2-3 days, and that process always leaves debris and damages.
  • Why would my life be improved with exercise?
    It’s not all about food! It’s impossible to remain healthy without exercising as well.
  • Why is spirituality also key?
    Without it, you would feel alone, not strong enough and incapable of doing everything you could do! Once you realize you have the universe on your side, nothing can stop you!

2: HOW? Transitioning from addiction to social-eating to living and nourishing foods

  • You should make a change in your life slowly! It could take, for example, a year. Progressively, you eliminate the bad foods and replace them with better foods!
  • How to prepare the foods so that they provide great pleasure?
    Although you’re determined to make changes, you’re surely addicted to your old lifestyle. The best thing to do: make raw food so that it looks, feels and tastes exactly like your old diet! For example, make a raw pizza or veggie burgers (see Recipes on this blog).
  • How to embrace and maintain this lifestyle?
    You will  realize how rich and rewarding this lifestyle is. You’re looking for what’s best for yourself, what you like most. Set goals for yourself that you can achieve. Like this, you’ll develop self-respect.


  • It’s counter to popular culture! You might feel like an outsider in your social circle. Don’t judge your friends, and smile when they criticize what you eat.
  • It’s counter to the international propaganda machine. Again, the industry is trying to sell us drugs, dairy, meat, etc. to make profit!
  • It’s outside the peer-based understandings and acceptance. That’s why you have to be strong in a corrupted and negative world.

“But no one understands me….”: Overcoming problems with family and peer acceptance

  • Have a plan to support your new lifestyle. Don’t force people to eat like you, don’t say anything negative. Just show them the example. If they wan’t to try it, great. If not, “c’est la vie”!
  • Recognize your own comfort in sharing food with others. Show love through giving good foods. Tell others how raw food makes you happy.
  • Remember: people can’t be converted unless they have a reason. But if you have young children, it’s your role to teach them how to eat healthy.

When facing all these obstacles, remember: the rewards are great!  “Let food be thy medicine”, said Hippocrates.
Thanks to Carole Dougoud for organizing the event, and thanks to Brian himself for this wonderful lecture.

For more inspiration, come to Simply Raw’s classes, more information here. You can also check out our recipes here.

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