Red Pepper Curry Soup

As promised, here is the recipe! Sorry it took so long to share, for those who asked for it! The following recipe takes a few minutes to prepare, and of course it is simply delicious as well as simply raw! It’s a great way to use beautiful summer peppers, eat healthily and feel great —

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New Class Dates for All Levels!

With renewed spring energy, the warmer weather and a continued passion for what is true, natural and authentic, I am pleased to announce new class dates for Simply Raw classes. Demand for these classes is growing, which is both exciting and rewarding.  Moreover, those who have attended the levels 1 and 2 are eager to

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Life Force Energy of Greens!

With spring comes the rejuvenation of nature and the emergence of young green sprouts in the fields, all signs of life renewal and great vitality in the green of nature. Humans can also draw great energy from greens which turn out to be one of the most nutritious foods for our species. This statement is

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