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Come and explore raw food, which holds the potential to transform your life on every level. Your health and energy will be boosted. The best way to find out is to try! Classes can be organized upon request for a minimum of eight people.

Simply Raw offers the following raw food classes in various levels to choose from depending on your level of know-how, experience, personal interests and aspirations. There is no requirement to take them in any particular order, although it is recommended, as the basics are covered in the Level 1 Class and the other two classes address more complicated recipes and food preparation methods. These two classes can be attended in any order.

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Simply Raw Level 1:

How to Get Started

Niveau 1

The basics of raw food and how to get started while also learning simple recipes that will not require fancy equipment or special preparation. You will be literally blown away by the novel approach to eating healthily and the pleasure you will derive from eating delicious and life-enhancing food!

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Simply Raw Level 2:

All About Greens

Jus vert

How and why to sprout, delicious recipes with sprouts, the green revolution and how to prepare delicious green juices and green smoothies daily, raw sushi and sea vegetables. This step is essential to succeed in a raw food diet as greens are the most important and beneficial food group of all. This will lead you to feeling your very best ever.

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Simply Raw Level 3:



Dehydrating to bring crunch and crispiness to your life with crackers, cakes, pies and so much more. You will learn how to enlarge you recipe portfolio with fun and pleasure by adding some truly missed “cooked” staples such as bread and crackers, cookies or even pizza dough.

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