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I offer a number of different services, including those listed here under, to help you integrate a high raw diet and reach optimal health. In fact, my coaching begins with food but touches upon all areas of your life to help you reach your highest potential on every level.

I can help you with specific tips, recommendations and guidance based on my own experience of having been high raw since 2006, my own raw journey ups and downs, as well as the extensive research that I carry out continuously.

It is my hope that this, combined with compassion and passion for seeking truth and balance in everything I do, will help you on your life journey.

Three options are available: private classes (on-demand classes alone or with multiple participants), private coaching (on-site, with culinary demonstrations if desired) or private consultations (via Skype or phone).

Coaching Services

Private Classes

You can’t find a date that suits you in my public class? You’d rather have a class tailored to your own specific needs? You don’t want to waste any time and wish to get straight to the point? Then a private class may be the perfect answer for you.

Private Coaching

Are you feeling stuck somewhere on your raw journey? Do you feel that something is missing from your daily routine, and energy blocks keep holding you back? Do you know, deep inside, that there is a way out but you can’t quite find it alone? Then start some serious coaching with me. Together we will look at where you are right now, where you want to go and how you can best get there.

Private Consultation

You’d like to talk privately about your current raw diet and how it is or isn’t working for you? You have plenty of questions – from simple kitchen tricks to more complex nutritional issues – you’d like to have personal answers to? You need to check out that you are on the right track? You need to have new recipe ideas? Then book a private consultation with me, via Skype or phone.