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Since the creation of Simply Raw, I’ve been committed to replying personally to nearly every message received to offer resources and advice and guide you on your raw journey. Today, I’m happy to see a growing interest for this type of food and lifestyle, which in turn increased the number of messages I receive. Please follow these guidelines:

In this case, please use this contact form to send us a message. We appreciate your interest in our products and will answer as soon as possible.

I encourage you to check out my Email Coaching service to get quick answers on general questions.

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate your feedback and compliments – they help me move forward and encourage me to continue on this path. We’ll do our best to apply your suggestions. If you send us a testimonial, we may contact you to see if it can be featured on the site with your approval. Thanks for understanding that we can’t respond to every message, but rest assured that we read everything that we receive and appreciate your gesture. Spread the love!


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