Dates for Simply Raw Classes in 2012

I am happy to announce the dates for the Simply Raw classes and workshops in 2012. For those who were waiting for these dates, be quick to book as seats to these classes are limited, and there will be fewer classes in 2012 than in previous years. This is because I am currently developing online programs for French speakers who want to learn about raw food and be coached on line. I will not be offering these programs in English quite yet, simply because many similar programs already exist and there are quite a few raw food coaches globally who teach in English.

Home study courses allow people to learn from the comfort of their own homes, which makes it a lot easier for a lot of people around the world — and a lot cheaper too. Granted, human contact is essential in learning and remaining motivated, but online programs these days come with chat forums, teleclasses and many other means of sharing with people wherever they are on the planet! I have taken part in many myself and it has been a great source of learning and experimenting for me.

If you are eager to learn more about raw foods online, one fantastic teacher is of course my coach Karen Knowler, whom many of you have heard of already, and the now famous Raw Food Chef Russell James. Karen is currently running various online classes for all levels, including her new “Raw Food Made Simple” program based on her very successful book which you can buy here.

Russell has just recently relaunched his fantastic home study program entitled “How to be your own raw food chef… and still have time to eat”. This is a great program which I have purchased and have learned loads of wonderful tips from. Russell is by far my favorite chef and the only one whose recipes are always a fantastic success! You can find several of his offerings here (scroll down below my Chocolate e-book), including his wonderful e-books – which of course I highly recommend! Moreover Russell has recently released a Video based Mini Course which I strongly recommend you watch here: Russell’s Mini Course. This is to show you that there is plenty out there for anyone who speaks English!

New Online Classes

But to serve the French speaking community here in Switzerland and globally, I will soon be launching two online programs which might be of interest to you or anyone you know who is French speaking and interested in raw food. The first program will be a raw food coaching program over 30 days, to provide thorough support to people who are trying to eat more raw or simply to integrate it in their daily routine. It will be full of tips and inspiration, and will offer valuable support and coaching exercises. The second will be an online version of my three classes, levels 1, 2 and 3, via audio, video and text files, along with a chat forum, a Q&A platform and a support group. All of this will be invaluable to anyone wanting to learn all about raw food in French from home. If you are interested in any of these, stay tuned or send me an email with either “Raw Food Coaching in 30 Days” or “Online Simply Raw Classes” in the subject header. Just keep in mind these will both be held in French only – for now.

Dates of Classes and Workshops in Morges (Switzerland) for 2012

For those of you who live nearby don’t miss the following classes which will be held in Morges this year:

  • Raw Chocolate Workshop with Guest Chef Amy Levin in November 2012 (date to be confirmed) — in English with French translation

If you speak French enough to understand, feel free to join a French class and I will be happy to explain a few things and answer questions on the side for your benefit! Also the class booklet can be given in English.

Each class will take place only once this year so please book ahead of time to ensure you get a seat. All seats must be paid in advance. To reserve and pay, go to this page now.  I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again this year in person or online! To let us know what you need please leave a comment below!

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