In this section, we have tried to sum up some of the most common questions that arise when people learn about the raw diet. Many more will come up as you evolve on your raw food journey, and you will find sometimes different answers to many. My suggestion is to try and find what works for you!

Questions about raw food

It is important to know what you are doing on a raw vegan diet. It you opt for keeping a little animal protein in your diet, whether cooked or raw (as I do), you need not worry about deficiencies if you eat a high raw diet with plenty of green leafy vegetables (in salads, juices and smoothies). The main potential deficiency on a raw vegan diet is Vitamin B12, which is mostly found in animal protein (B12 is in fact not a vitamin but a bacteria found in soil). It can also be found, however, in seaweed, blue green algae, nutritional yeast or miso, as well as fermented foods – items which are part of a raw food diet but may not be a source of absorbable B12. It has been found recently, however, that many meat eaters are deficient in B12. The key here is to observe how you feel as most deficiencies will result in some specific symptoms. The best solution to avoid any deficiency is clearly to have your blood tested on a regular basis. You need to consult your physician if you feel you may be lacking some essential nutrients.

Vitamin B12 is indispensable to human growth and optimal health, especially for pregnant and breast-feeding women as well as babies and children. As this vitamin is found mostly in animal foods, vegans are usually advised to supplement with B12. However, meat eaters also often suffer from B12 deficiency so eating meat is not even a guarantee. Dr. Gabriel Cousens argues that Vitamin B12 deficiency is caused by lack of absorption in the intestinal tract rather than a lack of consumption. The best thing is to have your B12 levels checked regularly with a blood test and, in case of deficiency, to supplement with a natural and highly absorbable source (I recommend the Hippocrates Institute brand).

Surprisingly, meeting our protein requirement is the least of potential worries when going raw. In fact, official standards for daily protein requirements are considered by many professionals to be way too high. And many will agree that one of today’s major Western food issues is the fact that people eat way too much animal protein for optimal health, and of poor quality (resulting from the manner in which animals are raised, fed, treated and slaughtered). The first thing to do it to cut animal protein consumption down to minimal levels, choosing only the best, organic, ethical and biodynamic (free-range or wild) sources. On a raw vegan diet, if you eat plenty and a variety of leafy greens, plus some nuts and seeds, you will easily cover your needs for well absorbed amino acids, rather than animal protein which the body needs to break down. By making sure you vary your nuts, seeds and greens you will ensure that all essential amino acids are part of your diet.

Not at all! Look at the animal kingdom: some of the more powerful mammals on earth are vegetarians: the elephant, hippopotamus, bull or gorilla, to name a few. And with plenty of greens to munch on their muscle mass, strength and resistance are at top levels! In fact, meat eating animals such as lions and tigers have shorter digestive tracts which are more in line with the digestion of animal tissues. These tend to rot quickly in longer human intestines, leaving toxic matter which accumulates and can result in health conditions. After cleaning your body with a healthy diet, many will need colonic therapy to clear out the accumulated waste matter that high meat consumption invariably leads to.

I have read so many articles on the greatest scam of all times that are extremely convincing. The dairy industry in the Western world is extremely powerful and has managed to convince the entire population that dairy products are indispensable to ensure our calcium supply and prevent osteoporosis. Yet populations that consume no dairy, in Asia, are those suffering the least from osteoporosis. Some reports claim that dairy leaches calcium from our bodies, so the effect might be drastically opposite to what we were led to believe. In any event, dairy is mucus forming and is the reason so many children are constantly sick. Additionally, cow’s milk is denatured today by being highly pasteurized and full of growth hormones, resulting in increasing height and weight of human beings with every generation. Not to mention that cow’s milk if really only designed for calves… Calcium is plentiful in the plant world, from green leafy vegetables to nuts and seeds, so there is no need to carry on this age-long addiction. If you must consume dairy, opt for raw goat or ewe cheese as these proteins are much smaller and more easily digested by the human digestive tract.

Yes, absolutely! The acid-alkaline or PH balance in the body is very important and can affect health as an acidic environment is prone to developing disease. Food, environmental pollution and stress (whether emotional or physical) can increase the acidic level in our blood, affecting cellular activity and immune system functions. All processed and cooked foods, meat, dairy and most grains are acid-forming. Most fruits and vegetables are alkalizing, especially green leafy vegetables. Eating a high raw diet based on lots of fresh green leaves, vegetables and some fruit is the best way to increase alkaline levels in your body, reduce rampant acidity, and as a result help cure or prevent disease. Stress is also a great source of acidity in our body, so keeping stress levels down is key to optimal health.

Detoxing the body, or cleansing and getting rid of toxic waste, has become very popular because it is considered to be the best way to reach optimal health. By adopting a raw food diet, you will begin to experience a variety of detox symptoms, depending on how fast you introduce raw foods and thus drop less healthy foods. It is not so much what you put in but what you leave out that will start the detox process. Symptoms can include headaches (especially as you give up coffee), difficulty sleeping, diarrhea or other digestive discomforts, skin conditions, allergy, cold or flu symptoms. These will be temporary and will gradually subside. They are the result of the body finding the energy and resources to get rid of long-accumulated toxins and mucus through the eliminative organs (skin, bowel, urinary tract, etc). Colon cleansing and enemas can help this important process. It is a good idea to regularly plan detox periods in the year, or regular mini-juice fasts, to maintain a clean body in optimal health.

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