Frozen grapes are frozen delights!

As suggested in my previous post, here is a very simple recipe to refresh your body in the hot season.

Frozen grapes or frozen pieces of melon or watermelon, make truly delightful and refreshing popsicles that will please young ones as well as the rest of the family. You can pop these in your mouth for immediate relief, or use them as ice cubes in your favorite beverages.

If using grapes, it is best to use the seedless variety, and any color of grape works well here. If you prefer the non-hybridized grapes, then simply cut the grapes in two and remove the seeds with a knife before you freeze them.

Grapes contain potassium, a cell nutrient that supports cardiovascular health. They are also full of antioxidants and phytonutrients and as such are very healthy treats.

This snack is ideal for small ones. Try cutting the grapes in 4 for the less than 10 months, in two for up to years and you can give them whole as of 4 years old. Try small balls of melon or watermelon too!



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