Life Force Energy of Greens!

With spring comes the rejuvenation of nature and the emergence of young green sprouts in the fields, all signs of life renewal and great vitality in the green of nature. Humans can also draw great energy from greens which turn out to be one of the most nutritious foods for our species. This statement is not always convincing, and to many it may even appear inappropriate. But there is sufficient scientific proof today to demonstrate that chlorophyll, which is present in all green leaves, has a composition which is very similar to human blood, and that greens are very rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to human health.

Yes, this may very well be yet another inconvenient truth. The idea that human beings can reach optimal health and fantastic shape by consuming large quantities of greens appears just too simplistic. This idea bothers the establishment, particularly the agrifood and pharma businesses, because it is unlikely to be a source of great profits. But this youth treatment is really there for anyone to grab, as long as he or she wants it, believes in it, and practices it daily.

Victoria Boutenko explains all this at depth in her world famous book “Green for Life” by suggesting green smoothies as a perfect means to ingest more greens daily. There is no longer any need to promote the powerful properties of green juices, real energy cocktails and health boosters. Juice bars are sprouting all over the world, many of them offering healthy superfoods such as wheatgrass juice, another undeniabe source of high performance nutrients and healing properties. And even in Switzerland there is cause to rejoice, as wheatgrass and orange juice is now being served, fresh, in the Manora cafeterias in both Lausanne and Geneva! So treat yourselves next time you are near one.

To get you started with one way or another to increase your daily ration of greens, try the following green juice — the perfect energy cocktail.

Green Energy Cocktail

Ingredients for 1 person:
– 3 sticks of celery
– 1 cucumber
– 1 handful of fresh greens (spinach, lamb’s lettuce, romaine lettuce, the choice is large!)
– 1 small apple (for a sweeter taste)
– 1 small piece of ginger (for a sharper taste)
– 1 slice of lime, to squeeze into the juice

How to proceed:
Extract the juice from all the vegetables, the apple and the ginger, preferably using a juice extractor, otherwise a centrifugal juicer. Squeeze the lime in the juice. If you like to drink a fresh juice, let it sit for a few minutes in the refrigerator, this is how I like my juice best! Pour into a nice tall glass, sit down in a quiet and comfortable place, and enjoy with gratitude!

Give this a fair few tries. The taste may need to grow on you (it does!), for others it is addictive, without the side effects, except for overflowing energy! It’s your call, your choice! Indeed, you will have to consume one daily to discover the most incredible benefits, but the positive effects are instantaneous, so don’t wait until tomorrow to try your first green juice. Just get your greens, juice them and drink them! Then watch and observe how you feel….

The benefits of green juices and green smoothies are numerous. For example, they are a great help in weight loss by cutting cravings, but that’s not all. The subject is vast, which is why I have designed a Simply Raw, Level 2 class called “All About Greens“, which takes place (in French) in Morges on Saturday March 28. The class is almost full, so if you are interested in attending, sign up here quickly and prepare yourselves for the most energetic and sumptuously green spring ever!

One thought on “Life Force Energy of Greens!

  1. Hello,

    I just moved to Geneva a few days ago and i´m looking to buy wheatgrass seeds as well as the required equipment to grow them. I searched a bit but didn´t find anything about wheatgrass…

    Other than that, could you provide me with any info about health stores in Geneva?

    Thanks for your answer and for your website, I really appreciate to finally have been able to find some “healthy food information” in this town.

    Hello Pilar! You can find organic wheat in any health food store. In Geneva, try URBAN BIO, rue des Alpes 19, or Boulevard Carl Vogt 20 or rue Jean-Violette 3. Tel (022) 731 13 21; also Marché de vie, rue des Eaux-Vives 25. Tel (022) 735 44 34. As for grown wheatgrass in trays, you need to call the Manor stores and order in advance. Also check out which is all about green juices and wheatgrass but is in French. I hope this helps, good luck! Amy


    Pilar 🙂

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