New Class Dates – Fall 2013

Raw-classes-615x674I am pleased to announce new class dates taking place in the next few weeks in Switzerland!

As you may know, I don’t run raw food classes in English very often, but I have just decided to add a few dates. I hope you will be many to join and take advantage of this great opportunity to finally find out what raw food is all about, how to incorporate it easily in your daily routine and how to enjoy its many health benefits.

I recently taught my Level 3 Class on a Sunday, right after I taught the same class in French on the Saturday. I have found this to be a very effective and pleasant experience to run two classes back to back on the same subject. I was in vibrant energy the whole week-end, and this made for a great learning experience for all. The Sunday class in English is much less crowded and it is a real enjoyment for me to share with a smaller group of motivated people who get much value from this. So don’t wait to sign up!

There is truly nothing like a live class to be inspired, motivated and get started on a healthy routine that is sustainable in the long term and will bring immediate results to you and your loved ones. I always encourage health seekers to attend many different classes and courses to really learn and integrate new healthy habits into their daily routine. Especially as every teacher has something different to offer. My specialty is making all things complicated easy to understand and fun to implement. I am known to always over-deliver and make sure you leave the class having learned loads of useful tips and wanting to get started, now! I have so much to teach, and still so much to learn!

All classes take place in Morges, a 15 minute drive from Lausanne and 40 minutes from Geneva. Both are taking place on Sundays, from 10am to 4pm.

Next Class Dates:

Simply Raw Level 1 Sunday 6 October 2013Introduction to Raw Food

iStock_000013874309XSmall1-300x199This introductory class fulfills many purposes in an information-packed and stimulating day: understanding what is meant by raw or living foods, learning many unusual facts about nutrition, watching many raw food recipe demos, tasting a series of original and delicious dishes you will rave about, finding out how easy and fun it can be to prepare them at home and finally getting inspired to take charge of your diet and your health and well-being. Join us now!

For all the class details, go to this page. To sign up, send me an email.

Simply Raw Level 2Sunday 3 November 2013 All About Greens

This important class is all about how you can introduce more green juices, green smoothies, fresh sprouts and seaweed into your daily diet for optimal health. Greens have been recognized by many health experts to be the sole most important source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a form that is best absorbed by the human body. Whether or not you adopt a raw vegan diet, consuming greens daily can bring wonderful results to your energy, concentration and performance, not to mention sleep quality, weight loss and immunity – and this is true no matter your age and condition.  Join us now!

For all the class details, go to this page. To sign up, send me an email.

Don’t wait too long before you discover and practice the marvel of raw foods ! It is the most important habit to adopt in our increasingly toxic lifestyles and you will wonder why you never learned it earlier in your life!

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