New Class Dates for All Levels!

With renewed spring energy, the warmer weather and a continued passion for what is true, natural and authentic, I am pleased to announce new class dates for Simply Raw classes. Demand for these classes is growing, which is both exciting and rewarding.  Moreover, those who have attended the levels 1 and 2 are eager to attend the level 3 class. I fully understand this impatience and will try in the future to offer the three levels closer together because when you want to get started and are fully motivated with raw food, the last thing to do is to hop off a running train!

So here is the new class calendar for the months to come. I am offering two new dates for the Simply Raw Level 1 Class in French, namely Saturday 30 May and Saturday 11 July. A new Simply Raw Level 2 Class (All About Greens) will take place on Saturday 22 August. And finally, the Simply Raw Level 3 Class on the techniques and tips of dehydrating will be offered for the very first time on Saturday 12 September. Details on this last class will follow shortly on this blog. I hope many of you will sign up to discover these truly innovative and healthy food preparation techniques to ensure you nourrish yourself at a deeper level with pure, unadulterated, unprocessed foods such as nature intended for us to eat. All these classes will be given in French. For an introductory class in English, Saturday 6 June is the date.

To inspire you to sign up to a class, I will soon post a new slideshow of my last Simply Raw Level 1 class and will share with you the very positive feedback I have received from participants to recent classes. I will take the opportunity of the summer season to survey my blog readers about new projects I am about to develop, in order to ensure that these innovative ideas are fulfilling real needs.

The raw food lifestyle is inspiring more people daily. It can be applied as and when you wish, following your personal needs and desires. Moreover, and this needs to be said loud and clear, it does not impose restrictions but rather encourages healthy choices. Each and everyone is free to make their own food choices. However, many are poorly informed or misinformed about food, so it is critical to release worthy and reliable information to as many people as possible. This trend clearly comes as a much needed alternative to help people take charge of their own health and well-being. It is time to face the challenges of modern civilization, help our immune system rather than damage it, and make positive choices for our health and that of our planet. Increasing the amount of raw food you eat daily is a fantastic way to achieve all this.

I promised a little treat recipe in my last post, so here it is pictured above. There is nothing more enticing to me than little sweet treats that can be prepared on the spot, that are fully satisfying and do such a great job at replacing the traditional sweets that the food industry offers, or rather imposes upon the great majority. It is that simple: slice a banana, spread some almond butter on each slice, and stick a nice fresh raspberry on each! These raspberry treats are beautiful to look at, delicious, and satisfying when you have that sudden craving for something really filling. I could not resist the temptation to take a picture and share it with you, to show you how easily you can get used to reaching out for the right foods and thus replace bad habits with healthy ones. Have fun, but I warn you, your fingers will be deliciously sticky!!

4 thoughts on “New Class Dates for All Levels!

  1. Hey Amy,
    How lovely to discover your blog and your courses! I will blog about it on my own blog — I’m sure my blog readers will be thrilled to learn that such course is available here in English! I’ll link to your blog as well. Keep up the good work!

    Hi Meta,
    Nice to find you too!! I’m sure there’s a lot we could share, what with being Anglosaxon in the Lausanne area, and interested in healthy lifestyles! Keep in touch and hopefully we can get together sometime. Cheers, Amy

  2. Thanks lots Amy! Actually I’m very very interested to come to your introductory class, but can’t this time, maybe later. At the moment, with an 8-month-old and still working, even on weekend I don’t have much free time 😉

  3. dear Amy

    we did speak. i got your details off France droz and loretta cuff is my neighbour. im interested in doing a raw food course in English-i do cook and use prepare raw dishes. Im away from 9th july till end of August. please let me know when you have a new date for an English course-thank you karen Laime

    Dear Karen, I have added your name to the English class propect list and will keep you posted. I will contact all people on the list with a suggestion of possible dates for a class in the early fall. Have a great summer! Cheers, Amy

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