New Raw Supplier in Switzerland: “Carrément Cru”

I am happy to announce that we now also have, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, raw creators offering high quality treats that fulfill our “raw” criteria. My former colleague Nadia Bernier, who was trained in the US at the Living Light Institute in California as well as the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, was working on a raw catering project for some time and she is now launching a production and mail order service of small savory or sweet raw biscuits under the name  “Carrément Cru” (which in French means both Squarely/Resolutely Raw – an astute name indeed!).

This attractive and innovative concept offers small savory or sweet squares in six flavors, including three savory (Herbs, Mexican, Onion & Lemon) and three sweet (Citrus, Chocolate, Coconut & Raspberry). I was lucky to taste them all and I found them truly delicious, with that special “home made” (of course!) sensation. The concept is also creative: the small squares to eat are packed in cardboard boxes, environment friendly, and, of course, square! Squares in squares, and downright raw! I wish Nadia every success in her new venture! Nadia, whose creativity is endless, is waiting for your orders. For those living in Switzerland, seize this new offering without delay and support small businesses that strive to serve our very special needs! Not to mention that this product will delight raw fooders and non-raw fooders alike!

When one eats predominantly raw and living foods, one of the most difficult challenges is the lack of bread or dense foods that tend to stick to the bones and are more satiating, especially in this time of year when temperatures are rock bottom. Fruits and veggies, juices, salads and smoothies continue to support us more than ever, but without such “biscuits” or “bites” and crackers, it would be a lot more difficult to sustain. For those of you who don’t have the time or energy to make your own dehydrated treats, this service is for you! I do make my own, but I look forward to ordering Nadia’s special squares because I enjoy variety and I like these new textures and flavors. My favorite ones are Lemon & Onion, and Coconut & Raspberry. Which will be yours?


Nadia Bernier invites you to visit her website (all in French for now, but Nadia speaks fluent English): to place an order in Switzerland, and will be happy to answer any question you may have! Enjoy!

About Nadia Specialized in raw vegan food and trained in the USA, Nadia Bernier has launched a range of natural and healthy foods for all members of the family. Thus “CARREMENT CRU” or RESOLUTELY RAW was born, a range of home-made, uncooked sweet and savory biscuits called “Little Squares”.  These are simply dehydrated at a temperature that allows the preservation of active ingredients and nutrients naturally occurring in the squares’ ingredients. These little squares are both nutritious and highly digestible. All ingredients used are organic, aiming to preserve our own health as well as that of the planet.

Fermentation: A Master Class

The class I mentioned in my last post, which is truly unique and in high demand, now has a fixed date: it will be taking place on Saturday 31 March 2012 with Amy Levin and Jo Balfe. More information about this class will follow very shortly on this blog. Pre-bookings are already coming in for this class which will surely fill many needs, particularly the need to boost our immune system with natural probiotics, especially with intestinal bug epidemics that often occur all year round, so stay tuned…

Grouped Raw Purchases in Geneva

This note is for raw fooders living in  Geneva: one of my clients would like to get together with other persons living in Geneva to bulk order from UK raw supplier Detox Your World, where you can find the super-foods that were part of the Simply Raw Shop offer until recently — including raw cacao, carob, maca, hemp, mesquite…. and much more. So if you are interested, send an email to Fredouica.

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