New Year, New Resolutions!

Yes, this is clearly the theme for the month of January and the beginning of a New Year, even if February is starting tomorrow! As with every year, this is the perfect time to look back as well as plan ahead, make new resolutions to reach new objectives… and in the field of health and nutrition, the choice of resolutions is wide! For my part, if I were to recommend a single resolution to benefit you on all levels, it would be to consume fresh juices as often as possible. Even in the winter time, in fact especially in the winter, juices constitute a necessary and welcome input of nutrients which are immediately usable by the body, so why not get started?

Juices, Juices and yet more Juices!
Yes, this should be the ultimate goal for 2010! Adopt fresh juices this year, make it a daily habit and you’ll become addicted before you know it! (This is by all means a very positive addiction). Freshly extracted juices bring a great number of benefits to our body and contribute to improving our moods, resistance to infections and viruses as well as general well-being, because they are:

  • full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are essential to our good health;
  • low in calories and toxic content (opt for organic fruit and veggies);
  • a fantastic source of nutrients which are immediately assimilated by the organism;
  • very easy to digest, therefore a source of immediate energy;
  • filling and satisfying, resulting in less hunger and cravings;
  • and they are absolutely delicious, in a great variety of combinations!

Invest in a good quality juice extractor!
The best gift you can give yourself and your family for 2010 is a juice extractor that will allow you to prepare juices on a daily basis, or as often as feasible. Green juices, vegetable juices, fruit juices, mixed juices… which ever suit you and your loved ones, take advantage of these nectars that nature has provided, and fill yourself up with vitamins! There are many kinds of juicers on the market. If you already own a centrifugal juicer, use it until you become addicted! But as soon as you can, invest in a juice extractor which will not damage the cells of the food and will delay oxidation, while offering higher quality and yield. I personally own a VitaLeo, previously marketed under the Oscar brand, and I am thrilled because it offers a great price/quality ratio. As of this year, I now carry this juicer, along with the Champion, Green Star and Angel models. Contact me here to find our the price and sales conditions for direct postal delivery in Switzerland.

Incredible benefits, even in the winter
By consuming fresh juices, you will allow your body to rest while providing it with fuel of the highest quality! But first you need to let go of limiting beliefs such as the concept that extracting juices from fruit and vegetables is a waste of produce — it is the contrary, it really means bringing top performance to your body. Focus on seasonal products like citrus fruit, carrots and apples in the winter, but also irresistible tropical fruit, as well as winter vegetables such as kale, spinach, lamb’s lettuce and of course all manners of sprouts to bring the vital energy of chlorophyll during the cold season.

Some news of Simply Raw
2009 was a year full of developments with many raw food classes given to more than 60 enthusiastic participants, a growing raw community of people falling in love with raw food from Geneva to Lausanne, with a wider offering of products and services, including raw vegan gourmet meals featured occasionally. In 2010, classes will continue to build the momentum. A Simply Raw Shop will begin to take shape, with ingredients and machines already available to clients. One thing is for sure: eating raw will slowly become easier, more fun and more widely accessible! And I believe this manner of eating and living will begin to raise interest with the media. Undeniably so, raw foods are the way of the future. So stay tuned for upcoming new recipes, new books, and new tools to help and support you on your road to optimal health!

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  1. So true what you are writing. Green Juices are the best supplement to your solid foods. I just got the latest Green Star Model and doing a lot of Green Juices now. I can feel the minerals going straight into my joints each time I drink a glass, it’s amazing. Go for that green kale 🙂

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