CAFE Program

CHF 57

CAFE Program

CHF 57

“If you’re tired of feeling tired and sweatin’ the small stuff, and you’re ready to get off the couch and start really living your life, it’s time to employ tried and true strategies to boost your energy to the brim!”

Dr. Ritamarie's Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion Program is easy and it works!

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The Modules

Upon signing up for this program, you’ll receive “5 Revive & Alive” modules that will reset your adrenal Glands, step-by-step.

#1: Adrenal Assessment

Here you’ll find a brief review of where your adrenals are, what they do, and an assessment to determine your current state of adrenal health.

#2: Calming Your Emotional Demons

The first step on your path back to adrenal health is to equip yourself with strategies for handling stress. Here you’ll find resources to guide you to transform stressful moments into resourceful ones, tame your emotional eating demons, dive deep into triggers for negative emotions, and learn to turn stress into coherence.

#3: How Your Adrenals Work

Take an inside look at how your little 9-1-1 glands work. When you understand how your adrenal glands work, you’ll understand what’s happening when something goes wrong.
Includes Video and Bonus Transcript!

#4: Foods and Herbs for Adrenal Support

Here you’ll learn which foods, herbs, and supplements will help you repair your adrenals and recharge your energy.
Includes Video and Bonus Transcript!

#5: Putting a Plan in Place

Put all the steps together for a nourishing action plan that will heal your adrenal glands and boost your energy to the brim! Use the checklists and charts to design a customized adrenal recharge protocol.
Includes Video and Bonus Transcript!


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