The Raw Chef Recipe Collection

CHF 50

The Raw Chef Recipe Collection

CHF 50

Find inspiration for your raw meals in Russell James' recipe collection, including six inspiring e-books to download instantly. Each of the e-books features more than a dozen recipes illustrated by professional pictures. The recipes are easy to follow, highly inspiring and a total win-win to prepare gourmet raw meals and impress your family and guests! A small investment for huge results!

As Russell says, “Have them in your hands right this second! You can download all my recipe books instantly, which means you can read them on your phone or iPad while you cook and take them with you wherever you go.”

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The collection includes:

  • Christmas Recipes: A collection of raw food recipes to make your raw Christmas go with a bang! Instantly downloadable as an eBook. You’ll love the ‘kilted sausages’ – completely raw and vegan and amazing as part of a main meal, party food, or just to enjoy even when it’s not Christmas!
  • Thai Recipes: A collection of Thai-inspired recipes, instantly downloadable as an eBook.
    These recipes are vibrant, fun and easy to put together.

  • Mexican Recipes: Mexican food is perfect to provide inspiration for raw food. It’s simple, easy to prepare, already has many fresh ingredients and is fun for kids and adults alike. I hope you’ll have as much fun and enjoyment making these recipes as I did creating them.
  • Chocolate Recipes: Raw chocolate is where a lot of people meet raw food for the first time. We’ve all heard about ‘a few squares of dark chocolate’ being good for us. But what if the cacao is unroasted and still contains an abundance of phytochemicals and nutrients that take it to new levels of benefits?
  • Cheese Recipes: From the simplicity of basic cashew nut cheese, to the decadence of macadamia and pesto cheese, these completely dairy-free cheeses are fun to make, satisfying to serve and delightful to eat.
  • No Dehydrator Needed: A collection of raw food recipes that you can make without a dehydrator, and that are instantly downloadable as an eBook.

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