The Green Cleanse

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The Green Cleanse

CHF 297 CHF 197

“A step-by-step, proven strategy to transform exhaustion into energy, eliminate excess belly fat, and leave you feeling younger and stronger than you did in your teens!”

Dr. Ritamarie's Green Cleanse includes three levels of cleanse so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

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Choose between…

#1: Light GREEN Cleanse

  • Lifestyle: you’ve never made a green smoothie before and, until now, you thought parsley was just a garnish
  • Goals: you want to make the minimum changes needed while still giving your body the benefit of a break
  • Experience: you’re new to the benefits of raw food and/or detoxification and you’re looking for an easy place to start

#2: Standard GREEN Cleanse

  • Lifestyle: you’ve discovered the benefits of drinking blended greens and you want MORE!
  • Goals: you’re ready to give your body a complete and blissful vacation from its “to do” list — you just need to know how
  • Experience: you’ve already got vegetables galore in your fridge and you’re not afraid to use ‘em!

#3: Deep GREEN Cleanse

  • Lifestyle: the idea of consuming a pound of greens per day excites you (you KNOW how much energy that is)
  • Goals: you want to maximize your detoxification benefit and you’re willing to do whatever it takes
  • Experience: you’re a green smoothie/cleansing veteran and you’re looking for more advanced strategies


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