The Magic of Chocolate

CHF 15

The Magic of Chocolate

CHF 15

Author: Amy Webster

Discover 17 recipes of raw chocolate!

The first recipe e-book to be published by Simply Raw is ready! To convince people that raw food can truly be appealing and absolutely delicious, I chose the topic of raw chocolate for this first recipe booklet entitled: “The Magic of Chocolate”. Jump into the magical world of raw cacao prepared in your own home!

Format: Electronic booklet to download and print at home


The Magic of Chocolate

Raw chocolate, made from raw, non-roasted cacao beans, can be declined in a variety of ways. This chocolate is sugar, gluten and dairy free and of course it contains no preservatives whatsoever! It is pure and can be prepared simply and quickly at home, with natural and easy to find ingredients, as this e-book will show you. Moreover, it offers boosting and antioxidant properties which make it a real superfood! So try it out and experience the raw magic!

17 Recipes of Raw Chocolate


This 25-page e-book features 17 raw chocolate recipes, all variations around the theme of chocolate: hot chocolate drink, smoothie, granola, truffles, divine ‘fondants’, almond pralines, chocolate ‘mousse’ pudding, mini-pies, macaroons, ice cream and chocolate ganache are all in this booklet! Even chocolate fondue, which will equally appeal to kids and the rest of the family! Each recipe is clearly explained in easy and simple steps and illustrated with a beautiful color picture to truly inspire you. This is a whole new world of opportunities for you to indulge in and make your own chocolate treats — not to mention how you will be able to impress others with your amazing skills!

The main ingredient

For these recipes, it is highly recommended to use pure raw cacao to benefit from the live nutrients and antioxidants. If you prefer, however, you can use standard, unsweetened cacao powder instead, preferably organic. In Switzerland, you can purchase raw cacao from several suppliers (check our Resources page). In the UK, you can try Detox Your World (Shazzie’s store) and in the US there are many suppliers, for example the Raw Food World (Matt Monarch’s store).


Indulge in these special treats!

Make these sweet and delicious treats for yourself and for loved ones on the many occasions provided by birthdays, celebrations, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, which are all chocolate giving occasions! And take the time to make some to give to friends too! This special gift will not only please chocolate lovers (I challenge you to disagree!) but the health conscious as well – in other words, a great way to indulge in pleasure and health without the guilt that usually comes with it! Another point is I have found a tiny bit will go a long way, as when you are on a ‘clean’ diet, the sweet craving is quickly satiated with a little raw chocolate.


This e-book is a 25-page color booklet which you will be able to instantly open on your computer as a PDF file to view and/or print if needed. As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive the recipe booklet as an attachment via email.


The Recipes

  • Hot chocolate drink
  • Chocolate-banana smoothie
  • Cacao sweets
  • Chocolate “fondants”
  • Granola with cacao nibs
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Coconut almond pralines
  • Energy balls
  • Chocolate fondue with fruit
  • Vanilla-chocolate pudding
  • Chocolate mini-pies
  • Chocolate ice-cream
  • Banana split with chocolate fudge
  • Chocolate and coconut macaroons
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Chocolate delights
  • Chocolate ganache



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