Raw Muesli: The Perfect Winter Breakfast

Many raw fooders don’t eat much in the morning, owing to the fact that our bodies are still in detox mode in the morning. Many of us are not particularly hungry in fact, and we’d do well to listen more carefully to our own instincts than to force food down our throats when there really is no need to. Others are hungry and find that simple fruit is just the answer. For others yet, a green juice or green smoothie helps to kick start the day with plenty of energy. But for many others, especially those beginning with raw food, breakfast really is an important meal and one that is easy to make raw with little effort and great pleasure.

Here is a recipe you can start with now to replace your standard breakfast or snack, often full of gluten, dairy and sugar — all of which burden the system. Besides fresh fruit for breakfast, a great way to stop eating bread, cheese or cereal (the industrial, highly processed kind that really has very little nutritional value left despite the smart marketing that makes you believe the contrary) is to make your own raw muesli.

Here’s how you proceed:
– Soak 1 cup each of almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in pure water overnight. Whole and organic nuts and seeds are best. You can alternate with any other nuts and seeds of your choice, of course.
– The next morning, rinse and drain them and throw them in your food processor.
– Add a freshly cut apple, a few dried fruits of your choice (I love apricots or prunes), a pinch of salt, some cinnamon if you like.
– Grind the mixture so as to leave chunky pieces and make it look like muesli should.
– Put some of this mixture in a bowl with plenty of freshly cut fruit (banana works well here, so do peaches and berries in the summer).
– Add almond milk or fruit juice – and enjoy!

This delicious raw muesli will take you through the morning with no energy swings and no bloating. Try it!

For another experience, and if you own a dehydrator, try dehydrating the nuts and seeds mixture to which you add a fruit based syrup (for example, blend a couple of apples with some maple syrup, adding cinnamon, ginger, orange juice as well as some orange and lemon zest) or some melted coconut butter to bind. Dehydrate for 24 hours and you will have a crunchy, tasty granola that will keep for very long (if you don’t eat too much of this straight away) in an airtight container.

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