Decadent Chocolate Sauce
For two persons, you will need one tablespoon of each of the following ingredients
  1. - sesame butter (tahini), or hazelnut or almond butter;
  2. - agave syrup;
  3. - (raw) cacao powder;
  4. - warm water (not boiling).
  1. Mix all the ingredients in a cup with a spoon. Voilà! Ready to dip into! Some of you may now run to the kitchen before you read the rest… Don’t bother preparing this in advance, this sweet treat is to be eaten straight out of the cup, with a spoon, or simply dip your finger and lick (an ecstatic if childish pleasure). This wonderfully thick and smooth fudge is silky and delicious. Serve it with sliced banana or apple, or any other fruit that suits your fancy. With or without ice-cream (preferably raw, but that subject is for the summer) which means you can have Banana Split. Likewise, you can also stir a large spoon of the sauce into a cup of hot water for a decadent and highly comforting hot chocolate to drink by the fireplace or in bed…
Simply Raw