Yummy Autumn Smoothie
  1. - 1 bunch red grapes
  2. - 1 bunch white grapes
  3. - 2 large ripe pears
  4. - 3 fresh figs
  1. To juice the grapes, you have two options. First you can extract the juice with your normal juice extractor. Second, you can also blend the grapes (no added water is necessary) with a high speed blender which allows you to benefit from the very high nutrients present in the grape seeds as well as grape skins. I recommend however straining the resulting liquid through a nut milk bag to obtain a very fine drink with no bits to bother your palate or tongue!
  2. Blend the remaining ingredients (pears and figs) into the liquid. Don’t forget to cut out the stem and seeds of the pear, and if you prefer also the thin dark skin of the figs.
  3. This is a rich, sweet, very seasonal yummy drink! Enjoy!
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