Fresh Almond Milk

The secrets of smooth, delicious and homemade almond milk

Zucchini & Cucumber Soup with Pine Nut Sauce

Here’s a delicious autumn soup to cheer you up when the sun goes away.

Yummy Autumn Smoothie

Autumn is the best season to gather fresh fruit and benefit from all the nutrients that have developed over the summer. Enjoy this delicious blend of pears, grapes and figs!

Chia Seeds Porridge

Learn to make this delicious porridge with chia seeds. These precious little seeds will give you good fats, essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Green Ginger Smoothie

This smoothie contains dandelion, mango, banana and ginger. Perfect for an energy boost, at all times of the day!

Coconut and Almond Pralines

These cute little chocolates are so enjoyable! Raw, non-roasted and unprocessed chocolate, rich in antioxidants, offers multiple benefit.

Miso Soup

This soup, a staple in Asian menus, brings warmth to the dinner table. You can dehydrate raw meals, or spice them with ginger, curry or turmeric to avoid being cold in the winder. This soup is very spicy and easy to make.

Decadent Chocolate Sauce

A raw chocolate sauce, sweet but natural! A little pleasure to enhance fruit and other raw desserts! Yum!