Releasing through forgiveness

This theme of releasing to improve really fascinates me. In our societies, we have a tendency to accumulate: knowledge, know-how, weight, objects, all of it is good for the taking. As if we feared lack, as if we could be more whole by having more. Yet it feels to me that the more I accumulate, the less space I have to be, just be. This is truly captivating indeed!

Releasing is beneficial at all levels. You know how passionate I am about raw food and all its healing, regenerating, energizing and of course, detoxing powers. Releasing toxins feels absolutely wonderful, as it makes you feel lighter and ready to fly! But releasing physically is not enough. To create a truly liberating space, one that can empower us and help us make our dreams come true, I believe that decluttering our environment from useless and cumbersome objects is as necessary as releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs — about ourselves, others, and the world we live in. This requires a lot of courage and soul-searching, however, which is why few people actually opt for this healing technique.

I had the pleasure of recently attending a conference on the Hawaian philosophy of Ho’oponopono given by French-Canadian speaker Sonia Pasqualetto, which was hosted by  Anne-Lise Desarzens, a therapist in Morges, Switzerland, who teaches workshops on self-healing. It was awesome to hear how this woman who was determined to live a full and authentic life was able to overcome her many life challenges by simply choosing at all times to be happy. She experienced many different therapies to overcome self-doubt and understand that all disease and discomfort stems from within, and that it is totally useless to blame anyone else for our woes.

In truth, others act as mirrors reflecting our own shortcomings, and it is thanks to them that we discover who we are. We also need to identify the emotions that are buried deep inside our subconscious, as well as our cell memories of traumas experienced by our ancestors and transmitted through our genes. This idea is now more widely accepted and it feels truly empowering to find that the solution lies in our own hands.

So how can we release these memories? How do we know if we carry any, and what are the situational triggers? The magic of Ho’Oponopono is that you do not need to go way back into the past to identify these traumas. All you need to do is to express forgiveness and love, from deep within, to release these cell memories which can otherwise tear us apart and keep us from living the life we deserve.

Remember what the Law of Attraction states: I attract what I create! No one wishes to be under the grasp of ancestral doom forever. These events are not our own story. The process requires mindfulness, and asking for forgiveness, in a state of unconditional love, with joy and gratitude, for all our ancestors’ and our own failings… Both of which require significant courage.

This is not some magical wand, rest assured! I did not get lost in blind esoteric thinking. As with raw food, these processes occur at a cellular level: by engaging a releasing and resolutely forgiving thought, the brain triggers a repair process at the cellular level. This is not the magic of the wand, but the magic of life. This is where the true miracle lies.

So now you may be wondering what to do when you feel that, regardless of your own efforts, you fail at everything you do and luck never shows up in your life, and you attract the wrong people and situations as if you carried this doom which you are forever trying to keep at bay. For me the solution lies in these three simple steps:

1. Be mindful: The very first step is to realize that you are not guilty, some conflicts within are not your own story, however you are the only one responsible and able to resolve it by taking action! This real and profound awareness is the first step toward freedom. Without it, nothing can happen.

2. Take action: You then need to act, otherwise nothing will change. We always have, in every moment, the choice between taking action or remaining where we are. Which choice will you make? Several tools are available for this. I already shared the amazing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) method with you. The Ho’Oponopono philosophy is another one, which consists of saying, thinking and feeling the words “I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You” over and over again, in all situations of conflict and tension. Seek and find help from a therapist, coach or a friend, because expressing our pain is the first step toward healing.

3. Be alert: As your consciousness rises, solutions will flow naturally to you and clues will be revealed, paths to take or decisions to make will resurface from your deep subconscious (where emotions are buried) to your conscious mind (which can reason and take action). This is where you will feel the release, partial or total, which will manifest and allow you to finally move forward with your life in self-confidence, joy and love.

Thanks to Sonia for sharing her life learnings, to Anne-Lise for hosting her and making this happen, to Dr. Hew Len for spreading this marvelous healing philosophy and to my friend Evelyne for telling me about it in the first place.

About Sonia Pasqualetto: “Reconnecting to our own power in Love and finding our true Identity by releasing our cell memories with Forgiveness, the Ho’Oponopono philosophy and much more.”

About the Ho’Oponopono philosophy: Ho’oponopono involves a series of statements we can use whenever we face a conflict, or a strong negative emotion takes over: “I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You”.

With Love and gratitude


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