Support for raw foodists, in Switzerland and globally

In Switzerland

  • Bio Delice Organic product shopping
  • SamaraNature Raw super-foods, including raw cacao, maca, chia seeds, hemp seeds, baoab, etc.
  • Bioverde Online shop offering many raw ingredients (nuts, superfoods, treats) and baby product
  • Carrément Cru Delicious sweet or savory squares and spiced seeds made by Nadia Bernier
  • Green-Shop Online ecological shop for household and skincare
  • Hima La Vie Organic retailer and distributor
  • I Love Food Swiss online store selling raw, vegan, gluten free and organic products
  • Institut Haute Vitalité Carole Dougoud’s classes on sea vegetables and sprouting, and retreats
  • Keimling Order raw ingredients and equipment
  • Kunz Vital  Juicers, equipment and raw ingredients
  • Naturkostbar Top quality cold-pressed oils and raw chocolates, fresh sprouts, Ojio Ultimate Superfoods, in German
  • Rawlicious Large selection of Swiss home made raw treats, in German
  • Terrespoir Exotic and tropical fruit from Africa
  • Wad Exotic and tropical fruit from Africa
  • RohRohRoh Berner Ölmühle’s pure and freshly cold-pressed seed and nut oils
  • Optimys Shop For chia seeds, goji berries and dried berries rich in antioxidants
  • Simply Bio Online shop with organic cosmetics, including Raw Gaia!
  • Saldac Fair trade of chocolate, quinoa, lucuma, maca and raw chocolate brand GOFORLIFE

In France

  • Orkos Exotic, fresh fruit delivered in Europe
  • Biovie Eric Viard’s website, near Carcassonne
  • Rrraw “Le Grand Cru du Chocolat Cru”, French raw chocolate!
  • Market’Veg VeganBio’s online shop

In the UK

In the US

In Other Countries

Below are some of my favorite farmer’s markets in French-speaking Switzerland. Some of them also offer online services such as produce boxes and baskets!


  • Ferme Bio Fermens in Denens and the Morges daily market
  • Ferme Bio Les Sapins in Colombier-sur-Morges. Phone: (021) 800 33 34


Lausanne and region

  • Culti-Shop Online choice of fresh organic and conventional vegetables for delivery
  • Marché Durable Organic fruit and vegetable in the area
  • Le Jardin Potager Cooperative to receive a weekly basket of seasonal, local organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Vita-Verdura Online choice of fresh organic and conventional vegetables, fruit and more for delivery



  • Ferme de la Faye in Granges-Paccot. Organic fruit and vegetables, and much more.
  • Notre Panier Bio Organic basket in Pringy. Order your fresh produce basket online



A few stores in the region where you can get supplies to start eating raw!

Laurent & Magalie

Rue Louis-de-Savoie 54, 1110 Morges. Telephone: (021) 801 08 22

Marché Bio-Kalt

Les Eterpis 2, Gollion, Telephone: (021) 801 49 59


Grand-Rue 31, Rolle. Telephone: (021) 826 14 06

Lily’s Green Market

Rue Neuve 7, Nyon. Telephone: (022) 990 03 70

La Fontaine

Ch. de la Fontaine 2, Nyon. Telephone: (022) 362 67 41

Le Topinambour

Av. W.-Fraisse 9, Lausanne. Telephone: (021) 616 37 42


Av. du Riant-Mont 2, Lausanne. Telephone: (021) 311 22 33

Droguerie Amavita

Place de la Palud 23, 1003 Lausanne

Pharmacie-Droguerie SEN’SU

Rue Saint-Pierre 4, 1003 Lausanne

Centre Vita Nova

Rue du Midi 15, 1003 Lausanne

La Branche (organic vegetable self-service)

Ch. de la Branche 32, 1073 Mollie-Margot


The first Swiss organic supermarket! 2 rte de Neuchâtel, Romanel-sur-Lausanne

Urban Bio

Rue des Alpes 19, Boulevard Carl-Vogt 20 and Rue Jean-Violette 3, Geneva. Telephone: (022) 731 13 21

Marché de Vie

Rue des Eaux-Vives 25, Geneva. Telephone: (022) 735 43 44


Rue Victor Tissot 2, Bulle. Telephone: (026) 912 99 20

Le Petit Paradis

Place du Petit Paradis 24, Fribourg. Telephone: (026) 323 32 80

Sante Biona Vita-Santé Zeller

Avenue Paul-Cérésole 5, Vevey. Telephone: (021) 922 84 54

There are currently a few raw caterers offering limited services in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and several restaurants that offer organic fare — but yet no raw restaurant.


A restaurant dedicated to organic and healthy foods in Montzéllion (Neuchâtel). Website

Hôtel Balance

This hotel has vegan and organic menus. In Granges-sur-Savan (Valais). Website

Le Milord

Restaurant in La Neuveville (Berne). Telephone: (032) 751 14 22.

Le Castel

Restaurant in Le Bois-Genoud (VD), which uses essentially products from the organic farm of Le Bois-Genoud. Website

Aux Deux Portes

An organic, vegan restaurant and catering service in Geneva. Telephone: (022) 734 11 22. Website

Le Café de l’Hôtel de Ville

La Palud 10, Lausanne. Creative, homemade cuisine with gluten and vegan options

Le P’tit Bar

Pont-Bessière 1, Lausanne. Offers juices and raw energy balls

Traiteur Bio

Organic meals delivery in the Lausanne area


Natural organic take-away in Lausanne: offers sandwiches, soups, salads. Website

Here are several Raw Retreats in Europe that might be of interest to you:

Hippocrates Health Institute

The best health cleanse, cure and Life Change Program of all, this world famous institute managed by Dr. Brian Clement benefits from decades of success in curing people from life-threatening diseases and teaching them how to reach optimal health. Website

Joy For Life Retreats

Victoria Boutenko and the Raw Family run Joy For Life Retreats in different parts of the world, based on Green Smoothies and many other goodies. Website

The Complete Retreat

My favorite, where I got started with raw foods in Spain – a superb location and highly professional staff. Website

Raw Freedom

By my friend Saskia Fraser, in the UK. Website

Health Etcetera

Residential raw food retreat center in Winchester, UK. Nutrition, exercise, meditation and lectures. Website

Sura Detox Retreat

Includes twice daily colonics, morning meditation, afternoon yoga, therapeutic massage, homoeopathic counseling and daily nutritional talks in Devon, UK. Website

Karuna Detox

7 Day Detox with Juice Fasting, Massage therapies, Colonics, Yoga and Meditation in Devon, UK. Website

The Raw Retreat

Health, detox, juice feast, weight loss and fertility in Cornwall, UK. Website

The Juice Master

Jason Vale organizes juice retreats in various magical places around the world. Website

Retreat Biarritz

You can choose either a Colon Cleanse and Detox week or a Raw Cuisine week at this raw food based retreat centre in France, including guided walks in the Pyrenees and time at the beach! Website

Oasis Retreat

Retreat focusing on living foods, according to the principles of the Hippocrates Institute, in a beautiful environment in the Pyrenees, France. Website

Séjours Alimentation Vivante

Retreat on the theme of raw and living foods, in Mas, France. Website

Pure Passion For Life

Retreats in Mallorca (Spain), organized by Beverley Pugh. Website

L’Institut Haute Vitalité

Organizes detox retreats in Switzerland (Valais) following the principles of Hippocrates Institute. Website

Here are a couple raw interest groups that meet in Switzerland:


Join the Geneva Raw Food Meetup to interact with local raw fooders, share recipes and inspiration, while enjoying monthly raw potlucks in wonderful company. Website


Join the Zürich meetup group, which organizes several events ranging from raw potlucks to picnics or seminars. Website

Taking Care of Yourself

Here is a list of places in the area that I encourage you to discover for your relaxation and wellness needs!

    • Espace Indigo Wellness center, aromatherapy massages. Book your appointments on the website.
    • Yoga Leman Yoga, relaxing movements, by Béatrice Freudiger. Classes in the Morges area.
    • Yogaija Kundalini yoga classes with Aija Mougeolle in the center of Lausanne.
    • Yoga Georgina Peard Yoga classes on the Leman, mostly in Rolle
    • Elaneha Yoga center in Rolle, offering numerous courses and treatments
    • Siam Massages Relaxing and energizing Thaï rmassages. In Morges, Rue du Sablon 6.
    • Art de Vie Katrin Fabbri offers workshops on algae and sprouts, in the Lausanne area.

Health Providers

Here is a list of natural health and medicine providers in the area, who understand and support living foods in their approach.

    • Conscience Santé Roxane Jaccard, wellness consultant in Morrens, applies naturopathy to ensure a balance between your interior and external environments.
    • Espace Renaissance Shop in Morges, online shop, workshops, spa treatments and naturopathy – Contact Réjane Pott
    • MCH Naturo Consultations and naturopathy with Maxence Caillaud-Houël
    • Spnaturo Naturopathy practice with Anne-Françoise Piccard
    • Equilibre-Santé Holistic naturopathy with Elise Ghiringhelli Zahnd

  • Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach: The best raw food coach ever! Karen is always ahead of the game. A myriad of products and services on offer to help raw beginners and raw experts alike. Fantastic home-study programs available now.
  • Russell James: Up and coming English raw food chef, who also taught in the US. Russell is the best teacher ever for anyone wanting to master the raw gourmet cuisine. His amazing recipe eBooks are on sale on our eBooks page!
  • Renegade Health: Kevin and Annmarie Gianni run a daily show which is the best source of raw information available today. Their fun, sensible and very down to earth approach to healthy living is truly contagious.
  • The Raw Family: Victoria Boutenko and her children Valya and Sergei are united in providing the raw food message to the world, Victoria with her revolutionary green smoothies, Valya with her filmed documentaries and Sergei with his expertise in wild edibles.
  • The Garden Diet: Jinjee and Storm Talifero’s fantastic website. The family is the best source of information for raising children on raw, maintaining a healthy raw lifestyle and being a thriving raw athlete (Storm is an amazing model for athletes and he looks 20 years younger!).
  • Raw Mom (WISH): Raw food support and inspiration for raw moms and their families with tips on pregnancy and feeding children. A fun and lively site. Tera Warner created the wonderful WISH summit (Women’s International Summit for Health).
  • Raw Divas: This site is a sister site to Raw Moms and covers raw food solutions for women. A must visit!
  • Ani Phyo: Ani’s raw food recipes and tutorials. Great recipe books and a wonderful approach to being eco-friendly. The best YouTube videos available today for raw food beginners!
  • Kristen’s Raw: Great series of recipe eBooks, which have even been published in hardcover now! Kristen’s blog is also extremely informative.
  • Raw for Life: Debbie Took is thoroughly researched and provides a top-notch perspective on major raw food issues (B12, sugar, cleanses, and much more).
  • Raw Food UK Forum: Highly informative and active raw food forum with many experienced raw fooders.