Setting Intentions for 2012

Happy New Year to all my readers! And a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who have joined our community following the fantastic “12 Days of Raw Christmas Gorgeous Giveaway” organized by Karen Knowler, which was a huge success with more than 8,400 fans worldwide! I am pleased that many also enjoyed my Chocolate e-book as a special free gift. It is always exciting to see how many more people are becoming interested in raw food and all its health benefits. We are going through exciting times indeed!

I hope 2012 has begun well and I wish you all Love, Joy and Health in the year to come which promises to be very exciting! I wanted to start the year talking about love, and how this most essential of our deep needs is truly what is making the world evolve. There is much to say about love, and many have said it, but to cut a long story short, I would simply advise you to try to act from a place of love at all times and your life will be truly transformed! With love will come joy and also health. Don’t you agree that the world would be a different place if love replaced many of the negative emotions that our world experiences daily?

Some could say we live in troubled times but I have long learned that a positive attitude is the most important health asset so despite the turmoil I know there are great things to come our way. In unsettling times, whether externally driven (political, economic, financial, environmental) or internally (health, diet, relationships, etc), it is of prime importance to find your balance and peace of mind inside of you. Remember that no one and nothing can take that away from you. Once you discover that inner peace inside, you will never let it go. But it takes time and practice. You could try yoga, meditation, relaxation, Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping – whatever you choose to relieve the stress will bring you to a better place. And from that better place, your attitude and beliefs will be improved, and nothing will hold you back from reaching your goals and living the life of your dreams!

Setting Intentions

This is easily said, I know, and more difficult to put into practice. My advice to you at the beginning of this new year, which truly feels like a blank page waiting to be filled, is to set your intentions for the months or year ahead. What would you like to experience this year? What do you want to take in, and what do you want to take out? This is the very first step to reaching your goals. As we all know, New Year resolutions are made to be broken and short-lived, unfortunately, leaving us frustrated and disappointed year in and year out. However, setting intentions is a first step in getting in touch with our true desires. Before you resolve to make any change in your life, you need to make sure it comes to fill a true need or desire. Most of us don’t even know what this is because we are disconnected, we spend our lives running around achieving one thing after another. So slow down, breathe deeply, and take time to listen to your inner being so you can find out what it is you need to change this year to become a happier you!

Setting intentions is easier than making commitments. Nurture these intentions as you would a dear friend, and when you are comfortable with the energy this brings, then you may be ready to make commitments. If this involves improving your diet and lifestyle in general, we are here to help you! With our classes, upcoming online programs and coaching services, we hope to be of great service to you this coming year.

Upcoming Classes & Events

I am currently working on the Simply Raw calendar for the first part of 2012. As previously announced, I needed time to begin developing new products and services, so live classes will resume in March with new dates to be announced very shortly – including a Level 1 and Level 2 Class to be held in French this spring, as well as a Level 1 in English. But I will soon be announcing what many of you have been waiting for, namely online raw food teaching and coaching programs for those who cannot attend live classes. This is coming soon as well as more raw recipes to keep you inspired and motivated!

Good News: Not Detoxing Just Yet!

After the inevitable indulging during the festive season – and I do hope you indulged as you should, remember that fun and pleasure are part of the health equation! – Detoxing is on everyone’s mind. Well I am no exception but honestly, I don’t feel up to it, not quite yet! My motto is always to listen to your body and respect its natural cycles. For me, that means gently transitioning back to the high raw balance that keeps me in top shape, as there have been a few too many non-raw intakes during the holiday. But that will include, at least for now, some dense and filling items such as nuts and nut butters, and sweet treats as well. With the snow and cold weather in Switzerland, I feel a certain calorie intake is called for! Detoxing can wait until the spring shows up! So if you’re like me and enjoy a treat now and again, here’s one I am enjoying right now: dip a Brazil nut in almond butter and fill a Medjool date with it – instant bliss, I assure you. And just as easy as opening a box of cookies.

One last note. If Detoxing is indeed on your mind and needs to be on your agenda this first part of the year, I may be running another incredible Simply Raw Detox Retreat in Southern England this spring. Let me know if you might want to join by sending me an email. Happy January!

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  1. I wanted to share this email as my answer may be helpful to many others…

    “Many thanks for your email. Happy New Year to you too! I’m a big fan of your blog and website… I’m currently living in Zurich now after moving from Vancouver, Canada. I have been to Lucky Duck and Pure Food Wine in NY many times! My husband and I go often when in NY. It’s our favorite place. Have you experience anything like Lucky Duck or Pure Food Wine in Switzerland? in Zurich or anywhere else in Switzerland… I would love to know places similar.. if you have any suggestions that would be helpful.”

    Here is my response: “I’m afraid we have nothing the like of Pure Food and Wine over here… at least for now. But I can share a few resources with you here: Rohvolution Resources

    Here are restaurants in your area that might be of interest to you which are published on the above website by Rafaël Jaermann, a Raw Food Coach in your region whom I highly recommend.
    (1) Zum brennenden Herz | CH-1718 Rechthalten | Regular restaurant offering four-course raw food menu if RSVPed in advanced
    (2) Naturkostbar | CH-3612 Steffisburg | Raw food factory, store and bistro
    (3) Vegan Kitchen and Bakery | CH-8004 Zurich | Vegan restaurant occasionally offering raw food dishes and smoothies.

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