Sharing your passion and planting seeds…

Such is my mission in raw food. I try to plant seeds, which lead to new ideas, and little by little, they grow and progress on their journey. After each class I give, I am overwhelmed by the energy and passion that can litterally blow your mind when you gather together several like-minded people who are so enthused to discover what we have to share, which in turn rekindles the original passion. It is so easy to feel isolated when one makes unusual choices, this is one more reason why I choose to share my passion. Indeed, sharing is as beneficial, if not more, for the giver than it is for the receiver.

I’d like to share with you, with the author’s permission, the following lines which I recently received from a participant at my Simply Raw Level 1 Class which took place last Saturday: Dear Amy, you have given me the energy I needed to get started and made this way of eating so much more accessible than if books had been my only guides; even if books are loyal friends, this day was much more alive than any piece of paper, as was your kitchen. It’s been a few days only that I have been eating raw, and I feel so good: light, no bloating, no hunger, relaxed, no extraordinary energy yet but I woke up this morning more easily than usual… despite a very late night out this week-end…. so I am really excited!!

Thanks again for this beautiful day spent with you and other participants. Thank you for your work, your sharing and your love of life! This day will remain special in the various important stages of my life. Be blessed to have taken on this new business orientation. It is more than relevant and it will fulfill a great many needs here in Switzerland. It is a privilege to know you.”

May this beautiful testimonial inspire others to take a bold step forward! The journey toward raw food is rich in discoveries about yourself, your body and health, but also about others. You can choose to walk this journey alone, but you save time and effort and gain motivation and inspiration by sharing it with others. Raw Food classes serve primarily this purpose: to show, in real life, that all of this is really simple, all it takes is to be shown the way and give it a try! That you need to learn new ways of thinking, adopt new habits in your kitchen, dare and enjoy new flavours. You can then make your own choices, but at least you will have been guided, inspired, enlightened!

I am pleased to announce new dates for my Simply Raw Food Classes:
– Simply Raw, Level 1 (only class in English): Saturday 28 February 2009
– Simply Raw, Level 2 (All About Green – In French): Saturday 28 March 2009
– Simply Raw, Level 1 (in French): Sunday 26 April 2009.

For more detailed information about the classes, please click on the page about Live Raw Food Classes. All the classes take place in Morges, 15 minutes from Lausanne and 40 minutes from Geneva, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. They cover a great deal of information regarding the raw food diet, how to get started, the benefits, equipment, food, and a great many delicious tasters and recipes. All past participants are unanimous: the class fulfilled all of their expectations, took place in a warm and luminous setting, and gave them an incredible urge to change their way of eating to achieve greater pleasure and wellness, while adopting a more responsible behavior which is more in line with nature. Don’t hesitate any further and sign up here! Give yourself a special treat by making new friends and learning how you can improve your life in so many more ways than one!

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