Spring News!

March and April have been very productive at Simply Raw! A very successful  “Soirée Découverte” raw discovery evening, numerous new contacts created during classes, the uploading of the first Simply Raw videos on YouTube (they are a little clumsy still, but it’s a start!), the fermentation class, which was full on both days, and of course, the very first edition of the online (French language) coaching program, “Le Cru en 30 Jours” (Raw in 30 Days). This busy time was followed by a trip, which was an absolutely fantastic experience for me – two weeks in Thailand, the tropical paradise for fruit, sun and massage lovers!

Today I would like to share quite a few pieces of information – I think there is something for each of you, raw fooder or not, from Switzerland or elsewhere!

First ever visit of Russell James in Switzerland!

Russell James is coming to Switzerland! The famous and up-coming chef, properly named The Raw Chef, Russell James, who now teaches gourmet raw food preparation worldwide and published what I think are the best raw recipe ebooks currently available online – you can view more information and/or purchase his ebooks and home study courses here– will make a welcome visit to Switzerland on June 9 and 10, 2012. He is hosted by Michael Brönnimann of Naturkostbar, the great raw food shop located in Steffisburg near Thun. Michael was taught in the States by Russell so he is hosting his teacher for what will surely be two wonderful days of gourmet raw food demonstrations.

Each class will last about 5 hours and will be taught in English. I am trying to go myself as I am also a big fan of Russell’s work and have been since we met in 2007 during my Raw Coach training with Karen Knowler. For more information on these classes, go to this page.

Choose your own date for a raw food class!

As it has been difficult to fill my English classes being offered, I am now resorting to the very useful Doodle survey tool to offer several dates to hold my Simply Raw Level 1 “Introduction to raw food” class. If you had been thinking about attending one, then now is your chance to select a date that suits you! This survey is open until May 15 so go there right now and see if you’d like to sign up to this class. You just need to go to this survey (Editor’s Note: the survey is now closed), add your name and email (so I can get back to you!) and check all the dates when you would be able to join the class. I will thereafter confirm the date selected for the majority (Editor’s Note: the date has been set on Saturday 22 September, 2012).

Highly Successful Online Coaching Program (in French)

Indeed, the very first edition of Simply Raw’s online coaching program took place in March (in French). No fewer than 32 people signed up to  “Le Cru en 30 Jours” (Raw in 30 Days)! This big success exceeded my expectations, and shows that there is a large demand for such a program – one that supports you when you decide to embark on an unusual but oh so magical journey. The raw and living food diet, in order to be successful, must be applied on an everyday basis – and with the high pace, stressful lifestyles that we lead in our western societies, our attention is so focused on sustaining a crazy rhythm that any change requires substantial dedication. To be able to share this challenge with peers who are also facing difficulties and to benefit from the expert advice of a coach who is available and attentive to your needs, this changes everything. If you’d like to read what participants have to say about it, check the French version of this post. Otherwise, I want to let you know that this program will take place again in September, so save the date! For more information, check this page.

Detox Retreats

I was about to announce a new Detox Retreat in the wonderful venue of Southern England (which is on the market so will be sold any day and thus no longer available), but unfortunately a member of the team backed out, thus this option will likely not be offered again. However, I do work individually with clients who wish to accomplish a detox cure on their own, and as of next fall I will be able to hold detox retreats in Switzerland. I am also working on an online version of the detox, which will be available at the end of the year. If you’d like to detox at your own pace at home, with the support of a coach and a team to share with, don’t hesitate to let me know here. I will keep you posted on when the program will be ready, by the Fall of 2012!

Yoga and Meditation Week in the Swiss mountains

Thankfully, I am not the only one offering this type of retreat! I am pleased to inform you about the week of yoga and raw food organized by Aija Mougeolle, in the nearby region  of the Valais, Switzerland. A wonderful Kundalini yoga teacher in Lausanne, Aija has discovered the healing benefits of raw food and loves to share her knowledge and passion with her yoga students. It is not necessary to follow her classes to participate in the retreats, which take place every year in the Alps of the Valais region. This year, the retreat will take place from Sunday July, 1st until Saturday, July 7 at Chemin-Dessus in Valais. The price is CHF 950, and includes three vegetarian or raw meals a day, the lessons and the walking trips in one of Europe’s nicest forests! Massages optional. For more information, visit www.yogaija.net or contact Aija here.

Wonderful Video on Sprouts

During the coaching program “Raw in 30 Days”, the exchanges between participants were numerous and enriching. Many of them shared their experiences and expertise, and we all learned a lot. I would love to post a little video shared by Mara (thanks Mara!), on sprouts. It’s a light and fun video. Take a few minutes to enjoy it – I promise it will make you smile!

The Kingdom of Sprouts by Angélique Lichelli – may this video inspire you to start sprouting at home, and grow some of the most nourishing and readily available foods on the planet!  You’ll see that by the end it also looks delicious and very appealing…

Watch the video

Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables — from  farm to home !

As you know, the best way to obtain fresh fruit and vegetables (what we should be eating), is at the farm! In Switzerland we are lucky enough to have large agricultural spaces near the cities, and thus farms almost everywhere. Today, numerous services for fruit and vegetable baskets are available – each more appealing than the other. I am myself addicted to these types of services, since even though I like supermarkets for their convenience, I truly prefer the quality of farm products as well as the personal exchanges with local producers. This really allows us to reestablish our connection to nature, which many of us yearn for.

Going to the farm is ideal, but we don’t always have the time… So let us welcome the delivery of farm products to our homes. Here is a series of offers in the Vaud region (if you live elsewhere, research similar services in your area, I am sure you will find something great!).


La Belle Bleue


Marché Durable

I know many people who are satisfied with these services – I have personally chosen the first one, VitaVerdura, which I love so far! This young company has multiple advantages: you can subscribe to a “basket” of  your choice, and change it as you wish, each week. This flexibility is very much appreciated. In addition, ethics are always a great part of these offers: these companies are concerned with reducing waste and impact on the environment, through limiting distances when delivering products.  Here’s an approach that we can all appreciate!

Living Foods on Swiss television!

Yes, after radio, it’s television’s turn to talk about living foods, or rather, to bring images of this new realm into everyone’s living room. Indeed, for the launch of his new book, “Les secrets de l’alimentation vivante” (The Secrets of Living Foods), Jacques-Pascal Cusin has been invited for the mid-day news (at 12.45 p.m.) on Television Suisse Romande, on Friday, May 25th. The channel will also come and visit me to film a few more images of delicious raw foods, to add to the show. Do not miss this rendezvous, and share the news with your friends and family. Our passion is clearly starting to spread!

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