Swiss Radio Show Talks About Raw!

I am pleased to share with you the Radio Talk Show entitled “Miam Miam” (Yum Yum in French!) and aired live this morning where radio journalists Jean-Charles Simon and Véronique Zbinden invited me as special guest, along with another guest reached by phone, from Cook It Raw (an interesting concept which has in fact little to do with raw food). It was a great opportunity to discuss the raw scene and explain why, in a very laid-back and fun atmosphere, more and more people are attracted to raw food.

I brought a few sample dishes, of course, including a raw oat, chia and hemp milk porridge (as it was breakfast time) and to really impress, a lemon cheesecake and chocolate ganache — all raw of course! This was to illustrate that raw food can be truly delicious, and gourmet! I was asked to bring something surprising and I think it worked!

I certainly hope that this show may have inspired a few and that thanks to this broadcast to the greater public, some will recognize in this a fantastic opportunity that has come their way — that of discovering and trying raw food, as this has the potential to truly transform their lives!

The subject of the show:

The raw planet – Is it healthier to eat raw?
Restaurants, classes, blogs, take-out services, individuals as well as top chefs: those attracted by raw food and wanting to reinvent traditional cooking or rather, uncooking, are growing in numbers.

Why should we stop cooking? Does it taste better? Is it healthier? More environmentally sound? Amy Webster, raw food coach, tells us all we need to know about this fast developing trend.

Moreover, top chefs are gathering each year in nature, in wild settings, and are attemtping to reinvent culinary creativity from their natural habitats. This concept called “Cook it Raw” was born just after the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, as a challenge. “Cook it raw” is now a think tank, a trend, a philosophy to rethink the art of gastronomy in an enlightened, conscious, sustainable and environmentally correct fashion. One of its founders,  Andrea Petrini, talks about it.

Note: If you do not wish to listen to this part, because Cook it Raw has in fact little to do with raw food, except for an attempt to work with pure, natural ingredients only, then I invite you to skip minutes 07:14 to 14:00

To listen to the radio show (in FRENCH), click on this link: Emission Miam Miam, Radio Suisse Romande, Samedi 3 mars 2012, 8h30-9h00 then click on “Ecouter” which is below the date of the show, namely Saturday 3 March.

Latest News for Raw Enthusiasts!

The new online coaching program “Le Cru en 30 Jours” (in FRENCH only, sorry…)  is just about to launch with the first teleconference taking place this Monday 5 March. It has atracted much interest in the French-speaking community with more than 20 signups already, which I am really pleased about. This program promises to be a unique learning experience for those who are joining and thus giving themselves the means to achieve their health and wellness goals! It is such a treat to invest in yourself in this way! It is still time to signup but don’t wait too long if you don’t want to miss anything!

For those who are eager to find out about raw food, come and join us (oops, in French again I’m afraid) for the Soirée Découverte which is taking place in Morges this coming Thursday 8 March from 5pm to 9pm. To sign up, send an email here.

For ENGLISH SPEAKERS, I do have a Level 1, Introduction to Raw Food Class which is scheduled on Saturday 28 April, so you may sign up now! Also in English we have added a new date for the Fermentation: A Master Class workshop with Guest Chefs Amy Levin and Jo Balfe to take place on Sunday 1 April (the Saturday 31 March workshop is already full). You now have plenty of choice to get your raw act together!

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