The Raw Scene is Rocking!

I’ve many raw news to share with you but I will be quick and to the point as I am currently extremely busy running several classes, including my new online coaching program in French, “Raw in 30 Days” which started last week with almost 30 participants in amazing energy! Thanks to all who passed on the information in the raw community which is continuing to evolve and make huge strides. As spring is in the air, the raw scene is really rocking. Read on…

Brian Clement is back in Geneva on March 13-14

As in previous years, this special event is always announced on this blog, albeit late this year, I really apologize. You can still decide to join if you wish, especially the evening conference on this coming Tuesday. As always, Brian Clement, director of the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida will be giving a conference on Tuesday 13 March in the evening, as well as a full day workshop on Wednesday which includes a raw mid-day meal.

For information on the Tuesday 13 March conference in Geneva, click here.
For information on the Wednesday 14 March workshop in Geneva, click here.

I will unfortunately not be able to attend this year as I am currently far too busy with my teaching and coaching activities, but I encourage you to go as it is always fascinating to listen to Dr. Clement.

The Living Foods Festival in Paris on 10-11 March

Here’s another exciting event taking place this week-end in Paris, a festival entirely dedicated to living foods! It comes with a very dense agenda, many conference speakers (including Dr. Brian Clement from Florida, Dr. Tal Schaller from Geneva, the naturopathic practitioner Claudine Richard from Paris, as well as Jacques-Pascal Cusin, who has just written a new book in French “The secrets of living foods“), along with many products and services that will be presented to all raw food enthusiasts who attend! It is obviously too late for most of you to go to Paris for this, unless you had already made plans to, but it is interesting to see how the French raw scene is evolving!

For more information, click here.

New book by Karen Knowler, “Eat Right for Your Personality Type”

This brand new book by my coach Karen Knowler has been receiving much attention right now in the UK as it has just been launched. According to Karen, there are 10 different eater personality types. So which one are YOU?  Says Karen: “Who you are being (Eater Type) + What you consume = Your experience. What are you creating for yourself right now, and how do you feel about that?”

“It’s no secret that there are a thousand different approaches to food, eating, diet and what we should and shouldn’t eat, but the fact remains, no matter what the “experts” may tell you, you’ll only listen if you like what you hear! The truth is, that the single biggest influence on what you do and don’t do around food is YOU – specifically who you are and how your unique personality drives the food choices and eating decisions that you make.” This book promises to be very exciting and insightful for us all…

For more information, click here. On this page you can take the famous quiz!!

An appealing offer to take time off in the mountains…

It has been a while since I have wanted to share the following with you. A friend of mine has come up with a marvelous hosting concept which is both original and very enticing: Rosmarie, who is a living foods enthusiast and professional educator, offers to host in her mountain chalet those who wish to get away and, as she’s called her new service, “lift their feet off the ground” for a week-end or several days. Her chalet is set in the beautiful landscape of the Fribourg Alps. In a relaxing and safe setting, she will take care of you, in every sense of the word — your food, your peace of mind, your state of mind… Take advantage of her latest offering for families to enable parents to reconnect with each other while Rosmarie looks after your children in a truly valuable way! An idyllic concept!

Rosmarie speaks fluent English so feel free to contact her, the information here is in French:


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