Traveling in the raw

For many people, summer holidays are a time of great change of habits. It is of course a great pleasure to have time off, or to travel for the holiday, but often we miss our routine and good health habits. When it comes to food, it is not always easy to eat what we’d like when on the go. Here are a few tips that work for me and might hep you too.

To begin with, with time, I have learned to really let go of any expectations when the holiday comes, and to focus on enjoying the moment. Traveling is a great opportunity to discover new things, to change our mindset and develop new creativity – as well as visit with family and loved ones that live far away. So before anything else, it is a time when I choose not to worry too much about my food.

This does not mean, however, that I will eat junk food! Nowadays you can eat healthily in many regions of the world, sometimes even better than at home! While traveling, we remain in control of what we put in our mouths, and we don’t have to eat like everyone around us!

Honestly, it doesn’t take much to make me happy! Recently traveling in Thailand, I ate raw fresh coconuts every morning, and with fruit this was a highly satisfying meal! More recently, in Belgium, I enjoyed this freshly pressed green juice from a smoothie and juice bar at the Bruges train station, to my great delight!

In Italy, staying in a hotel, here is the breakfast of fruit and nuts I served myself from a buffet filled with breads, cheese, ham and other foods that did not appeal to me.

I am currently in the USA and am enjoying some raw items which I found in organic stores. Yesterday we also went to an open market in the city where we found loads of freshly picked farm fruit and vegetables, all seasonal and local. I also enjoy some steamed vegetables and some quality meat or fish. Just remember to focus on quality rather than quantity!

But one thing I always do is take some raw ingredients with me. I prepared my own green travel powder, proceeding as follows. I blended, in a plastic ziplock bag, in equal parts: green powder (blend of spirulina, wheatgrass, etc.), protein powder, maca powder, chia seeds and shelled hemp seeds. I blend this powder with almond milk, some banana and/or simply water and I have my daily intake of essential nutrients in an easy drink.

So it is not so difficult! Here are more tips for those determined to stay raw.

Depending on your destination, find out ahead of time how and where you can buy fresh and local organic produce. Or find out which are the best and most healthy foods to eat locally. Just ask around! And go online to do some advance shopping, sometimes this is the best strategy.

When staying at the hotel or visiting a restaurant, don’t hesitate to ask for your special needs. Once in an Italian restaurant, I asked for their wild berries as a first dish and a huge salad as the main dish, while others were enjoying pasta. I did not feel left out in the least and my extra large salad was a true delight. The waiter was a little surprised but obliged with a smile.

When you are renting accommodation or staying in a hotel, you might want to bring some basic tools so that you can prepare some of your favorite treats: a good knife (careful to put this in your checked luggage), a thin plastic cutting board, a nut milk bag, ziplock bags and a few airtight containers, a peeler, and you will be all set! If you own a Personal Blender, this mini blender is perfect for travel as you can make your own smoothies or sauces and dressings in a minute.

Here is a list of ingredients you could also bring with you, without taking up too much space:

  • Dried fruit and nuts;
  • Various nut butters, to spread or make nut milks ;
  • Shelled hemp seeds ;
  • Chia seeds (soak in water) ;
  • A small jar, sprouting seeds and a sprouting bag (all you need is water and air!) ;
  • Granola, energy bars and other dehydrated goodies;
  • Various nut milks from organic stores ;
  • Whatever you may fancy while traveling…

All these ingredients can easily complete all the fresh produce you can find on the spot. Fresh fruit and vegetables are easily found in many places in the world! You can also order special products online before you go. Finally, you can also decide to take it easy and adapt to the local circumstances! The most important thing is for you to enjoy your holiday! If need be, you can plan on a detox period when you return.

Have a great holiday!


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