Wheatgrass available in Switzerland!

Trays of wheatgrass are now available in Switzerland at Manor supermarkets. Participants who took part in my class “Simply Raw – Level 2 – All About Green” already know about this, because we had the pleasure of tasting freshly extracted wheatgrass juice during the class, and I had ordered and bought the wheatgrass at Manor. I seize the opportunity of a recent message from Carole Dougoud of the Institut Haute Vitalité to further spread the following news.

“After many months of efforts, the Manor supermarkets are selling wheatgrass trays beginning in June. This is excellent news for all who appreciate and drink wheatgrass juice. The Manor stores need help in getting this product better known to secure enough sales and ensure continued supply. The aim is to have as many people as possible aware that wheatgrass is now available at Manor. You can also order and pick up your trays 48 hours later.

To promote this, activities on the point of sale are organized as follows, from 9.30am to noon and 3.30 to 6.30pm in each of the following locations: in Geneva and Marin on Friday 5 June, in Vevey on Saturday 6 June, in Monthey on Saturday 13 June, in Basel on Friday 19 June, in Lugano and Emmen on Saturday 20 June, in Sierre on Friday 26 June and in Sion on Friday 27 June. Please pass along this information to those who might be interested so they can join the promotional activities, taste the juice and buy wheatgrass.

The tray comes with information printed on the handle. There are two lengths of grass, medium and high. The medium height grass allows you to keep it several days so it continues growing to full height, while the high grass is ready to cut and juice. The price is 4,90 francs per tray of 100 to 150g which will yield 10 to 15 cl of juice (namely 3 to 5 ounces).”

I take this opportunity to announce that Carole Dougoud has just launched a new blog dedicated to wheatgrass juice, in French (there are many others in English, just search on Google!), which is called www.jus-vert.com, in order to answer the many questions people have and provide tips and recipes. It is just the beginning but I recommend you check it out. It is a wonderful initiative, congratulations to Carole! Let’s hope this news will bring more health and energy to our beautiful Switzerland!

The main benefits of wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice is a very potent drink that is highly beneficial for our health thanks to its amazing cleansing, detoxifying and healing properties. It contains 92 of the 102 essential minerals, a wide array of vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium), and 20 amino acids including the 8 essential ones which the body cannot manufacture. Clearly, wheatgrass juice is a perfect source of protein! Wheatgrass juice is composed of 70% chlorophyll, a substance that is very similar to human hemoglobin which brings oxygen to our blood, hence its nickname of green blood. To be consumed without delay if you want to cure or prevent a number of civilization diseases. In the USA, many juice bars serve this juice that features a very characteristic taste (!) and fabulous properties that too few people are aware of.

Brian Clement in Switzerland

Another excellent piece of news from the Institut Haute Vitalité for those of us living in Switzerland: Dr Brian Clement is coming again to Geneva! The Director of the Hippocrates Institute in Florida and one of the leaders of Living Food will give a speech on Wednesday 8 July 2009 from 7 to 10 pm on the theme of longevity: the youthfulness of our spirit, body and all our cells, or how to prevent the ageing of our cells (age, disease, malnutrition, modern pollution) and enjoy life without limits.

The conference will be held in English with simultaneous translation into French by Dr Tal Schaller. It will take place at the University of Geneva, UNIMAIL, 40 Bvd du Pont d’Arve. The conference last year was fascinating, you can read more about it here. I am a great admirer of Dr Brian Clement who is a fantastic speaker and whose knowledge in the fields of health and nutrition is immense. Don’t miss this great opportunity to see him live! For more information on July 8 and to sign up, click here. If anyone wishes to join me, contact me here!

9 thoughts on “Wheatgrass available in Switzerland!

  1. Hi Amy,

    I would love to try this as a juice.
    Do you know if it’s available in Morges? Also would you recommend it as a neat juice or mixed with something else?

    Yes dear Sophie, it sure is! I have ordered it from Manor in Morges for my class. It may very well be regularly available from now on, I will have to check it out. For intense healing, wheatgrass juice is best consumed on its own and on an empty stomach, up to 3 times daily, but make sure you can suck on a piece of orange straight afterwards as the taste can be quite off putting! Otherwise, mix it with orange juice, which will make it more palatable, or add it to your favorite green juice. Happy juicing and drinking! Amy

  2. I am visiting from San Francisco, but have gotten very sick in Geneva. My husband wants to get me some wheat grass or pressed ginger somewhere but we do not know where to get it. Could you please tell us?

    Dear Andrea,
    I hope you received my answer and found the wheatgrass at the Manor stores or restaurants. I have been told you can find wheatgrass juice mixed with orange juice at these restaurants. Get well, Amy

  3. Hi Amy,

    I have a question: how do you extract the juice from wheatgrass once you buy the tray?
    In the USA I used to buy it at the health food store and they were using a special juice press.

    Hello Viola: you need a juice extractor to extract the juice from the grown wheatgrass. Some juicers can handle this, but not all. I have an Oscar which manages this very well. Otherwise, as you say, there are special wheatgrass presses which can also be found. If you are in Switzerland, I recommend checking out the following websites: http://www.keimling.ch or http://www.kunzvital.ch which both sell such appliances. Good luck! Amy

  4. ^_^,chinese friends say hello to u,I always blieve in ” clean body ,clean soul”.the invention of fire is the most terrible thing in human history,I just like it raw (*^__^*)

    Hello to our Chinese friends and welcome to Simply Raw! Many thanks for your comment, Johnny, I fully agree, the fire does more harm than good in today’s world, at least with regard to food. Raw is clearly best. Happy to hear the truth rings clear and loud all over the world! Happy returns from Switzerland, Amy

  5. hello amy,
    just a little trivia, tried a little cal.and came up with about $12.50#. which encludes the tray.
    This is less then whole foods(local mkt. here)
    i get it by the# from a local grower for about $10. pkg.by the # and cut that day but no tray so its amazing the pricing is almost equal???

    Hi Ted, yes I suppose you’re right, we may be surprised sometimes! I am not sure this price will be maintained however as they are just launching the trayed wheatgrass here in Switzerland, and for a trial period only. We hope many people will take to it so we can enjoy continuous supply. It is worth while comparing prices though, thanks!

  6. Just found your site… excellent! I have always eaten pots of live wheatgrass delivered frozen in England, and have even posted on English Forum in CH for info on live wheatgrass! I hope it is still in Morges Manor. Do you know? Is it organic? Is it grown inside or outside? This might just avoid high postage charges from UK! Thanks.

    Hello Ann! Yes, you can still find freshly grown wheatgrass at Manor in Morges and other places too. All you need to do, however, is to call in advance and order the trays you need. They do not have these on the shelves. Here’s more info in French: http://www.jus-vert.com/2009/06/lherbe-de-ble-en-grande-surface/. Regarding whether it is organic or not, and the culture method, I don’t know, you’d have to ask Manor. I will find out myself! But it is very convenient indeed!

  7. Wheatgrass is the highest superfood in the pyramid. It’s so easy to buy some corn and grow it. Then you need a strong blender do mix it with cleaned water. A small glas of wheatgrass every single day is what your body is looking for.

    • Hi Marco, thanks so much for your comment! However I’d like to add that to grow wheatgrass you need wheat berries. And then once the grass has grown properly, you need to extract the juice with an appropriate juice extractor. I have never heard of anyone blending the grass with water as I believe the grass contains fiber which is very difficult to digest. Let me know if I am wrong! Best to you, Amy

  8. I would love to join “the simply raw family”.
    I would like to know how to start and what to do. Maybe the first step is buying the advent calender?

    Hope you can help me.

    Thank you so much,


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